Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ghostly Swim

Record label Ghostly International and late night programmers [Adult Swim] have joined forces for a 19 song compilation that will be sure to pleasure those eardrums. The New York City label has been been growing for the past 9 years and features artists such as Matthew Dear, UK band The Chap, and rising NYC producer Michna. Also be sure to check out the Ghostly Swim Michna Megamix on the popular podcast XLR8R.

*(File Removed By [Adult Swim])
Ghostly International & Adult Swim Mixtape
Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped
Dabrye - Temper
The Chap - Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
Dark Party - Active
Tycho - Cascade [Live Version]
JDSY - All Shapes
Deastro - Light Powered
Matthew Dear - R+S
FLYamSAM - The Offbeat
Cepia - Ithaca
Aeroc - Idiom
The Reflecting Skin - Traffickers
School of Seven Bells - Chain
Ben Benjamin - Squirmy Sign Language
Kill Memory Crash - Hit + Run
Osborne - Wait A Minute
Milosh - Then It Happened
10:32 - Blue Little
Mux Mool - Night Court

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Schaaf Shtyle

Longtime MildWild friend and Electro Einstein, Harrison Schaaf, has been tucked away on the East Coast in the studio for a little while only to (unsuprisingly) surface with more trembling, tearing, top-knotch workings. Schaaf, who recently released his debut, 'Zombie Schtyle EP', on Innerflight Music, has been crafting cutty compositions for many a day now, and is no new jack in the field of bringing crushing and clashing goodness to the ears of all. Previously remixing the likes of the, "Hungarian One Man Boyband" : Andro, the ever elusive, Fagget Fairys, and East Coast based girl duo, Blunt Force Trauma, you need not be worried about the quality of anything coming from this guy, Harrison's got it under control. With that, it is with much excitment that we exclusively bring to you two brand spankin' new Harrison Schaaf remixes, one completely reconstructing and electrifying Hip-Hop/R&B Superboy, Ne-Yo's, "Closer", and another crunchy version of British vocal majesty, Wiley's, "My Mistakes". Look out for future productions coming from the Schaaf man and be sure to pick up his tracks on Beatport.

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Wiley - My Mistakes (Harrison Schaaf Remix)

An absolutely fantastic take on an already fantastic track. Harrison Schaaf adds a little Dub-Step flavor to the mix!

Ne-Yo - Closer (Harrison Schaaf Remix)
A fully-fledged Electro bomb, signature ripping synths bless this Ne-Yo re-fix

Happy Thanksgiving
from all of us here at MildWild!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Loco Tribal Groove Machine

Production genius, DJ extraordinaire, and MildWild Favorite, Loco Dice, was recently presented with the honor of playing out his second Essential Mix, broadcasted live on BBC Radio 1 alongside everyone's favorite on air personality and superstar DJ, Pete Tong. This monstrous mix classically features two-hours of tribal grooves and funky, bumpy selections that will have you up and out of your seat in no time. Complete with flawless mixing maliciousness, Loco Dice once again shows the world just what a Hip-Hop DJ turned House legend is made of.

Loco Dice - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (11-22-2008) (ZSHARE Link)
Family - Night Shift (Feat. Antonio Lyons) (Phoonshal Dub)
Mirko Loko - Liah (Original Mix)
Larsson - Ruanda (Ricardo Esposito Dub)
Reboot - Vandon (Original Mix)
M. Pittman - Chicago Nights (Original Mix)
Livio & Roby - The Tuxedo Band (Original Mix)
Roberto Dietz - Kinban (Original Mix)
Okain - 717 (D'Julz Remix)
Mara Trax - Sambad (Between Two Flames Mix)
Andrew Grant - Coloradobonus (Original Mix)
Luciano & Mirko Loko - Mousa Big Band (Original Mix)
Abonne - Bongospace (Windworld Edit by Ion Ludwig)
Unknown Artist - CU Beciumul (Original Mix)
Loco Dice - Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now (Luciano's Luci Gets Loco Remix)
You And Me - Bournewood
(Feat. Mark Broom) (90 Black Buttom Mix Tool)
Daniel Steinberg - Pay For Me (Lauhaus Remix)
Livio & Roby - Diverse (Original Mix)
Brothers' Vibe - Cuero Para Mi Gentle (Raw Skins Mix)
Unknown Artist - C'Lime (Unkown Remix)
Sebo K - Diva (Original Mix)
Tokyo Black Star - Game Over (Loco Dice 5AM At The Tsukiji Market Remix)

Loco Dice on Beatport
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Ill-ectro On The Block

(Photo: Jose Maria Cuellar)

Nice little autumn photo up there. Today I've got some new electro house bombs to share with you guys. Let's skip the small talk and cut to the chase.

Cevin Fisher - The Cream Always Rises (Kid Massive's Audiodamage Mix)
  [File Deleted: More Info]
Kid Massive does it again, with this powerful electro house remix. "Dreams come in all sizes. But the cream... always rises!" Link: Kid Massive

Lil Wayne - A Milli (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
I hate most mainstream rap tracks so I love it when great artists remix the shit out them. Competitor to the Nadastrom remix and in some aspects, better. Link: Paul Anthony, ZXX

Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 (Calvertron Remix)
MildWild favorite Calvertron gets out of fucking control with this remix. The epic horn section in this track, which many a raver have become infatuated with, builds into a mind-blowing dirty fidget explosion. Absolutely amazing! Link: Calvertron

Sidney Samson - Riverside (Casey Copa Remix)
I anticipate that many viewers will think this remix is quite obnoxious, but I absolutely love it. Great sounds, nice use of vocals, overpowering hook from this new producer who has yet to gain wide-spread popularity. Link: Casey Copa
Laidback Luke dropping Riverside Original:

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hollar For $

It's possible that you may already be a bit familiar with him, but from the likes of his recent workings and past classics it definitely looks like you're about to hear a whole lot more from the ever so sneaky, Oliver $, the man responsible for pleasuring ears with the smooth sounds of Funk and Disco samples, punchy basslines, & brutal EQing that never sounds aggressive or violent. His music pervays more of the sexy Chicago House feel, also incorporating jaw dropping vocal chops and smooth jazzy sounds, apposed to the popular wobbling squelches we've recently become so used to hearing. As an assistant engineer to Jesse Rose, Oliver's been plenty busy producing records and releasing remixes left and right, resulting in an upheaval of remarkable feedback and pro support from such names as Switch, Lee Mortimer, Claude Von Stroke, Harry Axt, Luciano and Hijack among many others. With a solid three-volume release of his made to play (no pun intended) single "Hotflash", Oliver has time and time again showed the electronic music community that originality is ever so abundant in the world he lives in. Recent remixes of Grovesnor, RQM, and Amir Ad Fontes have all proven to be Grade A material in exhibiting the now familar Oliver $ sound, with forthcoming remixes of Consistent and Filthy Dukes tracks that sound out of control. Backed by GrandPetrol Recordings and Jesse Rose's Vinyl-Only label, Made To Play, with other works available digitally on Beatport, you're sure to be a fan from here on out.

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Oliver $ - Hotflash (Original Mix)
An amazing song to move to, Disco-esque and as groovy as they come

Oliver $ - Freshburn (Original Mix)
A bit of a wobble tune for you, still with that Oliver $ jazz of course

Oliver $ - Mesh Mallow (Original Mix)
A bouncy tune with some brain melting synth whirls, sure to turn you to a Mesh Mallow

RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Remix)
Oliver $ stuns with this wondrous remix, thumping drums and trademark sounds shape this into a masterpiece

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Slanted Black Records

Craig Mitchell from Slanted Black Records recently hit us up by e-mail with some new releases from their label. Slanted Black has a nice array of quality artists crafting progressive & tech house as well as some minimal. Check out their website here, or for a more complete preview of what they sound like, preview and purchase their tracks on Beatport.

Craig Mitchell - America (Original Mix)
Not the most mind-blowing of tracks but the concept is great here. Clips from Presidential Elect Barack Obama's acceptance speech are placed on top of a dark minimal tech-house beat. Craig Mitchell: Myspace, Beatport.

Dave From Dallas - Inside (Drum Movement Mix)
Lunic Ft. Edgar Donoso - No Parking (Drum Movement's Gridlock Mix)
Both of these tracks have a heavy, thumping beat and a dark feel. Within you'll find what sounds like creaking doors and demonic voices, mixed in with minimal tech-house elements. Drum Movement: Myspace, Beatport.

Since this post contains tracks we've received by mail, I'll throw in some other notably good submissions.

Haydz - Clouds (Original Mix)
Don't know much about this guy but he sent this over to us a couple days ago, and needless to say I was somewhat impressed so I thought I'd pass it along.

Dirty South - Let It Go (Dino Roc's Electro Love Remix)
I don't like the build much on this one but it drops quite nicely. Dino Roc also added us to his blog list so I thought I would pass this along. Check out his blog here.

[Files Deleted: More Info]

Friday, November 14, 2008

It's the Bare Necessities

If he's not running through the jungle, Mowgli (Michele Savasta) is busy producing some top notch House beats. With releases on such labels as Mantra Breaks, Southern Fried, and Deadfish, he is steadily climbing to the top of the musical food chain. Be sure to check out his two new EPs, the 'Oriente Espresso" EP (Freshfish), and the 'Pa Po Pon' EP (Deadfish), and also Michele's Minimal/Tech House alias, Minimow.

Mowgli - Just Be (Original Mix)

The Chemical Brothers - Boot it Again (Mowgli Remix)

Tricky - Council Estate (Mowgli Remix)
[File Deleted: More Info]

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nari & Milani

Italian duo Maurizio Nari & Ronnie Milani, known collectively as 'Nari & Milani', and sometimes operating under the alias, Dek 32, have been releasing amazing Electro House bombs as of late. Nari, now 40 years old, has been working in the music business for half his life, and Milani is close behind with 38 years of age. Each began on the radio and then slowly began DJing in clubs around Europe. In 1995 they got together and formed Dubwork Studios, where they still create all their music to this day. Nari focuses on sample research, grooves, and sound perfection, while Milani works on the musical arrangement and melody development. This sort of teamwork has resulted in a gangling list of productions, most of which we are big fans of here. Check out the Nari and Milani Myspace as well as their own Official Website for more information, previews of new releases, and their tour dates.

Provenzano feat. Max C - Chains Of Love (Nari & Milani Remix)
One of their newer tunes. I normally am not a fan of vocal tracks, but the sheer brilliance of the build and the following drops made me fall in love with this Electro House massacre.

Nari & Milani, Dek32 - Gnor! (Main Mix)
This track was released just over a year ago and will give you a good idea of what their original sound is like. Brilliant use of noises and Progressive, Tech, and Electro House elements all blended together greatly.

Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan feat. Romanthony - Show (Nari & Milani Remix)
This one takes a moment to get to the reward, but I have confidence in your patience. Once you get there, the beat overtakes you in a matter of seconds, and then we hear some signature Laidback Luke noises making an appearance... 5 stars INDEED.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mad Decent Son!

Diplo's been around for quite some time, so it's no suprise that anything the man touches is set to turn gold at one time or another. With the highly anticipated release of his new 'Blow Your Head' EP (out on his own empire, Mad Decent), Diplo once again shows that he's no newcomer to this game. Featuring killer remixes of the eclectically buzzing, 'Wassup Wassup' (complete with the ever so sassy vocals of Rye Rye), by Bart B More, DJ Sega and Crookers. Also on the release, a killer original track including vocals by Marina Vello (Formally of Bonde Do Role), called "Must Be A Devil", that's sure to make everybody hit the floor. You can pick up the release now on Beatport, and be sure to catch Diplo and the Mad Decent crew in a city near you!

Diplo - Must Be A Devil (Feat. Marina Vello) (Original Mix)
Wonderful guitar part, and an equally wonderful bassline! Great vocals from Ex-Bonde Do Role MC, Marina Vello

Diplo - Wassup Wassup (Feat. Rye Rye) (Crookers Remix)

A classic sounding remix with some original Crookers funk!

Diplo - Percao (Original Mix)
Electrified goodness and some good ol' broken beats, a great original

CLP - Ready Or Not (Diplo VS DJ Sega Remix)
Anything CLP starts a party, so why would a Diplo and DJ Sega let you down?

Feist - I Feel It All (Diplo's Plastic Remix)
A perfect take on this angelic working by Feist

Spank Rock - The Motherfucking Rave Is Over (Diplo Remix)
The Motherfucking Rave Is Over..well..maybe not after you play this song

CSS - Let's Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Diplo Remix)
Some wonderous CCS, accompanied by the clever mastery of Diplo

[Files Deleted: More Info]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wolfgang Gartner

Hailing from the down south depths of Austin, Texas comes Wolfgang Gartner (Acclaimed House producer, Joey Youngman), an analog sound maniac with a knack for making people bounce and creating aural chaos. At the now age of 26, this California born composer has been working with electronic music since the tender age of 11, where he was syncing his drum machine to his keyboard to make songs. These forulative years of learning presented Gartner with a series of releases in 2003 on such respected House labels as Tango Recordings, Om Records, Naked Music, Doubledown, as well as his own creations, Fetish Productions & Jackin Tracks. Through his rise to the top, Wolfgang has tried on a few different names for size in order to maintain a fresh looking release schedule, using names such as Mario Fabriani, White Collar Criminals, and Frequent Fliers. Signing with Blue Collar Entertainment in 2004 brought new opportunity with DJing and sparked a series of tours and World traveling experiences that helped to spread the name that he worked so hard to establish, playing everywhere from Pacha, Sao Paulo, to El Divino in Ibiza. Later In 2007, Joey took a huge step in the perfect direction with the formulating of Wolfgang Gartner, an alias designed to focus on a new sound that wasn't so reminiscent of his previous Disco House works. Within one release it was already apparent that he struck oil, and later launched a nice list of singles and EPs through Om Records, landing on Beatport Top 10 Lists and receiving the honor of having an "Essential New Tune of the Week" with Pete Tong on BBC's Radio 1. On top of all this he's launched another label, Kindergarten Records, to go along with his current sound, so don't be suprised to see regular releases and chart topping tracks regularly. Today, with the immense success and endless praise from top DJs and producers Worldwide, Joey has decided to fully pursue the Wolfgang Gartner moniker:

“I realized that I had to pick something and stick to it. So I decided that this new style is the direction I want to go, and to focus all my time and energy on Wolfgang Gartner.”,

says Youngman, and you'll hear no complaints from anybody on the topic, for the sound being brought is just to good to let go. Fresh from the man himself are some teaser versions of his new masterpieces, "Clap" and "Hook Shot", sure hope your ears are ready for some nasty beats!

Check out the Beatportal Wolfgang Gartner : Unmasked Interview

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Available digitally on Beatport November 18th
Wolfgang Gartner - Clap (Original Mix) [Teaser Version]
A wonderful new track with some serious bounce! Clap your hands to this shit!

Wolfgang Gartner - Hook Shot (Original Mix) [Teaser Version]

What a filthy jam! A new sort of Gartner sound while still highly reminiscent of his already familiar, pleasuring noise

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Progressive to Please

Just dropping in to share with you some progressive bombs, some from artists we have previously featured, and others from new artists. Be sure to check out their other tunes & myspaces.

Paul Thomas & Funkagenda - Gornal (Upper Mix)
The synths in this track build in a rhythmic and hypnotizing fashion, then drop into a pleasing and equally heavy beat. Can't wait to hear more collaborations between these two. Links: Paul Thomas, Funkagenda

Helvetic Nerds - Sanctuary (EDX's Afterhours Mix)
This is the first time we have featured EDX. I was never a fan of this DJ but after checking out his 'Say Yeah' remix, and the new original 'Casa Grande', I have become quite fond of some of his work. Link: EDX

Alex Kenji - Colors (Manuel De La Mare Poison Mix)
Heavy bass slap and great synths, perfect track to sit back and smoke a bowl to. I wasn't lying when I said this name would be around more. Link: Manuel De La Mare

Abel Ramos & Miss Melody - Rotterdam City Of Love (Axwell Re-Edit)
  [File Deleted: More Info]
Seven minutes of beautiful bass and that great Axwell sound that has become world-renowned. 100% Club-worthy and equally great for a mental massage in the comfort of your own home. Link: Axwell