Thursday, December 31, 2009

MildWild Sessions 009 (1-01-10)

Hello Readers,
Welcome back to another installment of MildWild Sessions on This week I am once again handing the decks over to Tomas Klein. He has put together a wonderful mix of some recent progressive bombs, along with some of his old favorites. As always, the mix will air 6pm-7pm EST click here for the direct link. I hope that you enjoy this mix. Show some love for Tomas Klein!

Super Swede (16 Bit Lolitas Remix) - Q-Force
Pink Houses feat Belinda Frank (Original Mix) - Answer42
Rough Tone (Komytea Remix) - Paul Allen
To The Six (Original Mix) - Boom Jinx and Andrew Bayer
Adventure Night (Original Mix) - Novareese
Missing the Old Days (Original Mix) - Rodskeez
Nothing (Ad Brown Remix) - Holden and Thompson
Neptune (Original Mix) - 16 Bit Lolitas
Electro House Is Dead (Danny Loko Remix) - Komytea
Deep Down (Original Mix) - Josh Gabriel pres. Winter Kills

Friday, December 18, 2009

MildWild Sessions 008 (12-18-09)

Hello Readers,
This is Jean welcoming you to yet another installment of MildWild Sessions on I've got some new tracks this week that I am sure you will enjoy as well as some classics. Also I would love to hear some feedback from all you guys on what you think of the show so far.

Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Artois- Turkish Gold (Johan Depp's Midnight Reprise)
Rejected- Let's Go Juno (Original Mix)
Re-Ward & Dr. Willis- Whatever (Original Mix)
Steve Nocerino- Italy (Autistic Remix)
Deepgroove- Bad Acid (Original Mix)
Olivier Giacomotto & DJ Tonio- Eat What You Kill (Gaz James & Hauswerks Remix)
Umek & Matthew Hoag- The Santien Race (Original Mix)
Joris Voorn- Chase The Mouse (Original Mix)
Komytea- Electro House Is Dead (Original Mix)
Paul Keeley- Paper Jet (Bart van Wissen Remix)
Add2Basket And Interplay- Road Show (Interplay Remix)
Josh Gabriel- Entanglement (Original Mix)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Jean's Friday Selection 2

I figured I would do another installment of this since alot of the other members including myself haven't been able to post due to finals at school. So here are some more of my favorites of techno, trance, and progressive. I hope you all enjoy this. Don't miss next weeks episode of MildWild Sessions on Also I know there are alot of producers out there reading this blog with great productions to be hear please email me your promos to or just to say hello.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MildMonday_Number46 (12-07-09)

A frozen monday to say the least. And since I'm posting this from outdoors, Im going to keep it simple. Get these tunes, figure out which ones you really like, then go to beatport and buy them. Easy.

Friday, December 4, 2009

MildWild Sessions 007- Artois Guest Mix (12-04-09)

Hello Readers,
Welcome to another MildWild Sessions, this week we put the spotlight on progressive producer Artois hailing from Oakland California. He has kindly presented us with a very deep and progressive set exploring trance and house alike, a truly beautiful mix. I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode, it will air on like always at 3pm pacific standard time.


Motorcycle- As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix)
Incognet- Liquid Melody (Original Mix)
Artois- Coffee & Cigarettes (Original Mix)
Tasty Soundz- Reach (Instrumental Mix)
Dakota- Koolhaus (Moonbeam Remix)
Andy Duguid- Signals (Original Mix)
First State- Brave (Jonas Steur Remix)
DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff- Fake Call (Original Mix)
DJ Observer & Daniel Heatcliff- Vision (Lentos Remix)
Lost Tribe- Gamemaster 2006 (Mark Sherry's Outburst Mix)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quintessential Selection_Number5 (12-05-09)

To help you on the everlasting hunt for good music, I selected four tracks that are truly 'Quintessential'. Keepin' it on the more maximal side again this week, been really diggin' the intense tech lately. Hope all ya cats enjoy them as much as I do, and dont forget to catch us tomorrow for a supple selection of life changing house music supplied by the whole MW team.

Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

WildWednesday_Number47 (12-2-09)

A large roundup of wild tunes for this Wednesday... return the favor over at Beatport if you hear anything that you like. Best wishes for your December.

Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Madera Collins Remix)
Chuckie - Moombah (Hardwell & Rehab Remix)
Alex Gaudino Feat. Crystal Waters - Destination Calabria (Abel Ramos Milan With Love Remix)
Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney - Open Your Mind (Inphinity Remix)
Jump Smokers Feat. Pitbull - Now You See It (Afrojack Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Green Velvet Feat. Kid Sister - Everybody Wants (Original Mix)
Kim Semikashev & Sergey Nikitin - Hit & Run (Original Mix)
L-VIS 1990 - Compass (Christan Martin Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Andy Duguid- Signals (Original Mix)
Markus Schulz- Let It Go (Original Mix)
Ad Brown- Magnetize (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

No Regular Play - Owe Me (Original Mix)
Giant - Drumstick
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Noob, Brodinski, Madera Collins, Chuckie, Hardwell, Rehab, Alex Gaudino, Abel Ramos, Jason Rooney, Inphinity, Jump Smokers, Afrojack, Green Velvet, Kid Sister, Kim Semikashev & Sergey Nikitin, L-Vis 1990, Christian Martin, Andy Duguid, Markus Schulz, Ad Brown, No Regular Play

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quintessential Selection_Number4 (11-20-09)

Quintessential - Adjective. Representing the most perfect or typical example of quality or class. I recently came upon a pocket of songs that fit this description perfectly. It would be a shame to miss out on these fiery tunes, so spread the word if you like what you hear. As always, these tunes are produced by professionals, thus meaning they 'try' to make a living doing this, its not only for our free enjoyment. For their sake, head over to the Port, and support the cause.


Monday, November 30, 2009

MildMonday_Number45 (11-30-09)

A couple early gifts to kick off the coming month. As always, take a trip to your favorite digital download store for more. Happy Holidays!


Stojche - Air Of Djibouti
James Teej - Rolling Hypnotique (Carlo Lio Remix)
Ivan Pica - Intense Harmony (Alex Young Remix)
Gabe & Adam K - The Mask (Original Mix)
Gui Boratto - Notations (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Joy Orbison - Brkln Clln (Original Mix)

Jesse Rose - Never Ending (Original Mix)
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Waves (Chilly Gonzales Piano Remake)
~Sébastien Chassé

The Fix- Duck Butter (Original Mix)
Poxymusic- War Paint feat. Gina Mitchell (Claude VonStroke Remix)
Milkwish- Light Stripes (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WildWednesday_Number46 (11-25-09)

Hope your weekend is going well, here are some tunes for your enjoyment. Oh, and to all of you in the U.S. and Canada, Happy Thanksgiving!


Dada Life - Lets Get Bleeped Tonight (Phatzoo Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Datsik - Subsonik (Datsik Remix)
Mowgli - London to Paris (Original Mix)
Maurizio Gubellini - Insane (Eric Entrena Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Dada Life, Phatzoo, Mowgli, Maurizio Gubellini, Eric Entrena, Datsik

Monday, November 23, 2009

MildMonday_Number44 (11-23-09)

A quiet Monday so far, surprisingly nice weather. Crisp, cold air, a bit breezy, very calming. These tracks reflect that, giving your ears a nice cool feeling. Again, don't forget to flip over to Beatport where you can grab these tracks for a quick buck.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Jean's Friday Selection

Hello Readers,
My apologies for not being very active with posting music lately I have been very busy with school and life, as most of the other writers have been. So i figured tonight I would give you all a special treat and post a huge list of tracks. Now go open a nice cold beer and relax to these beats.

Jean-Baptiste Persaan

MildWild Sessions 006 (11-20-09)

Hello back again with this week's episode of MildWild sessions. The show starts at 3pm pacific standard time/ 6pm eastern standard time on (Please convert to your time zone for the right time for your area.) Also I am taking submissions for guest mixes as well as your tracks for future episodes, please send all inquires to Enjoy.

Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Aka Aka- Woody Woodpecker (Original Mix)
A. Mochi- Black Out (Original Mix)
Kane Roth- Vodka Fragola (Original Mix)
Android Cartel- Robotic Redemption (Steve Mac Remix)
Magitman- Kalamari (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
Dosem- Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Green Mix)
Artois- Coffee & Cigarettes (Jan Van Lier Remix)
Ad Brown- Magnetize (Original Mix)
Cosmic Gate- Sign Of The Times (Extended Mix)
Substate- Horizon (Mac Zimms Remix)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WildWednesday_Number45 (11-18-09)

In my book, Wednesdays should be wild. Here is some music to make sure that this is so. Don't forget to spend some of that hard earned cash over at Beatport, you know you gotta support the cause. Dont forget to stop by friday for the Quintessental Selections for the week.

DJ Zinc - Blunt Edge (Original Mix)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quintessential Selection_Number3 (11-13-09)

Wow. We have been very unproductive on the blog these last few weeks. It's funny how much you can miss when your caught up in a busy life. I plan to make this up for you all with an amazing selection of funky Tech House, sure to brighten anyones day, (regardless of how terrible your weather may be). And just to be fair, I'm gunna add an abnormally large amount of tracks for you to enjoy, just to catch you up a bit. Until next time,


Monday, November 16, 2009

MildMonday_Number43 (11-16-09)

A day late, but in no way short of awesome, MildMonday strikes back with menecing mellows and melodic monotones. As always, head to Beatport to catch these tunes for a buck. Till next time,


Destination Danger - Du Rififi Au Katanga (Original Mix)
Noze - Drums (Original Mix)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WildWednesday_Number44 (11-11-09)

On the 11th day in the 11th month, I wish you a very wild wednesday. I hope these tracks give you that boost you need to make it to Friday, when once again our lives are care free.

Cosmic Gate- Billingual (12 inch Version)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

2000 and One - Spanish Fly (Anton Pieete Remix)
Justin Martin & Claude Von Stroke - Beat That Bird (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Claude Von Stroke, Justin Martin, 2000 and one, Anton Pieete.

Monday, November 9, 2009

MildMonday_Number42 (11-9-09)

Some beautiful tunes for you today, get em now and enjoy at your convenience. Give credit where credit is due and remember to mosey on over to Beatport to pick up anything else you're feeling at the moment.


The Candy Dealers - How Sweet (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Pyoh Mitomi- Stranger Than Paradise (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Floating Points - Vacuum Boogie (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

The Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want (Soulwax Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : The Candy Dealers, Floating Points, Soulwax.

Friday, November 6, 2009

MildWild Sessions 005 (11-06-09)

Hello Readers,
Welcome to another installment of MildWild Sessions hosted on The show starts as usual at 6pm est and as a special treat instead of the normal hour long mix this mix will go on untill 7:40pm est. Also in celebration of Halloween, last weekend, I have put together a much darker mix than my previous sets. I hope you enjoy this week's episode.

(Also I just made a new myspace you can click on my name for a link to it.)

Phil Kieran- Dirt (Original Mix)
Steve Lawler- Violet (Original Mix)
Amy James- Two Tone (Mang Esilo Remix)
Luciano & Richie Hawtin- I want to Fuck (Luciano Mix)
Martin Roth & Marc van Linden- Kickback (Original Mix)
Namito- Zorro (Original Mix)
D-Nox & Beckers- Alphavella (Original Mix)
Extrawelt- Dark Side Of My Room (Timo Maas remix)
Koen Groeneveld- Wake Turbulence (Koen Groeneveld & Andy van Der Zwan remix)
James Harcourt- Call & Response (Original Mix)
Jessie Vendetta- Razors Edge (Original Mix)
Paolo Mojo- Sirena (Original Mix)
Manuel De La Mare- Mueve la Cintura (Original Mix)
Mat Zo- This Is Reality (Original Mix)
Daniel Heatcliff- Phoenix (Original Mix)
Re-Ward- Exposé (Original Mix)
Claudia Cazacu- Size Zero (Original Mix)
Lentos- Forget About Us (Barnes & Heatcliff remix)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WildWednesday_Number43 (11-4-09)

Once again my friends, we gather to enjoy the wondrous sounds of House music. We here at Mild Wild hope you enjoy this noise as much as we do. However, don't forget about the artist, head to beatport to catch these tunes for a few bucks to help the cause.


Paul Anthony & ZXX - God Loves Thugs (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Claudia Cazacu- Size Zero (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Peaches - I Feel Cream (Proxy Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Adam Sky & Danny Williams - The Imperious Urge (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Paul Anthony, ZXX, Claudia Cazacu, Proxy, Zombie Disco Squad.

Monday, November 2, 2009

MildMonday_Number41 (11-2-09)

A simple day, but 3 really awesome tracks to make up for it. Have a good one and check back on Wednesday for some other good stuff. As always, remember to check out Beatport to support these artists.


Deadmau5 - Dr. Funkenstein (Zoltan Kontes & Jerome Robins Stripped Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Doomwork Feat. Valentine - Groovin (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Friday, October 30, 2009

Quintessential Selection_Number2 (10-30-09)

YES, It's Friday! And after another looong week, you get to sit back, crack a bottle of that liquid gold, and engulf your eardrums in amazing house music, courtesy of your good friend here at MW. You know I got some smashing tracks for you to enjoy that range from Jazzy Minimal, to crashing Tech. It's a great collection of sound that is a necessity to your collection. As always, after getting your free fill here, head over to Beatport and grab up on some freshies for a small fee. Otherwise, drink and be merry, for it is Halloween weekend and you aint gotta wonder what were doing.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WildWednesday_Number42 (10-28-09)

It's Wednesday. Again. And with another week more than half way over, you can breath a sigh of relief because you know that the weekend is just right around the corner. Here at MW we want to celebrate this grand feeling with you by blessing your mind with great music, hope you enjoy.


DJ Chus, The Groove Foundation - That Feeling (Kobbe Vs. Hugo Rizzo Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Calvertron & Rossco - Go's Like This (Original Mix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Phil Kieran- I Think I'm A Monster (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Electric Rescue - Super System (Extended Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Links : DJ Chus, The Groove Foundation, Kobbe, Hugo Rizzo, Calvertron, Electric Rescue, Phil Kieran

Monday, October 26, 2009

MildMonday_Number40 (10-26-09)

The great, the unstoppable, the awe inspiring, the epic, the lovable, the fresh, the slick, the one and only : MildMonday... Comin' your way raw from some guys who really like house music. If you really like house music too, you would most definitely enjoy Beatport. Otherwise, see you Wednesday.


Butch - Disco Shhh (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Friday, October 23, 2009

MildWild Sessions 004 Tomas Klein Guest Mix (10-23-09)

Hello Readers,
Welcome back to another installment of MildWild Sessions on This week I am very proud to introduce a close friend of mine Tomas Klein, whom I will be handing the decks over to for this week's episode. He has put together an excellent mix for you, there is sure to be something that will tickle your fancy. The mix will air 6pm-7pm EST click here for the direct link. I hope that you enjoy this mix. Please show some love and support for this up and coming producer.

Sultan of Zurich (Original Breakfast Mix) - Chris Reece & The Sultan of Zurich
Blinking Indicator (Original Mix) - Umek & Sinisa Lukic
Alaska (Original Mix) - Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz
Subaquatic Dream (Original Mix) - Mat Zo
Catwalk (Original Mix) - Inpetto
Mikado (Rino Cabrera Remix) - Passenger 10
Back in Time (Original Mix) - Randy Katana
Synergy (Original Mix) - Ummet Ozcan vs. W & W
Walking On A Dream (Mike Foyle & X-Vertigo Remix) - Empire Of The Sun
Terminal 6 (Jaytech Remix) - Solarity
Nothing At All (Original Mix) - Rex Mundi Feat Susana

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WildWednesday_Number41 (10-21-09)

MildWild crew keepin it real with some pre-halloween bangers. If you're feelin Wild on this WildWednesday let us know what you're going to be for halloween. As always check out Beatport or your favorite digital download store for more.


DJ Wady - Bruce Banner (Original Bedroom Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Meat Katie - Lucia (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri- Tormented (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Murs & Chase and Status - Madhouse (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Daniel Steinberg - Bailando (Riva Starr Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : DJ Wady, Meat Katie, Mauro Picotto, Riccardo Ferri, Murs, Chase & Status

Monday, October 19, 2009

MildMonday_Number39 (10-19-09)

The feel of the new season is starting to come on stronger, way excited for some cold weather. Aside from that, some mellow jams for your Mild Monday as usual. Enjoy these? Cruise to Beatport for more.


Schadenfreude - Rio Bravo Del Norte (Adam Shaw Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Mr Oizo - Ke-ele

~Sébastien Chassé

Foyle & Sparx- Chords Of Life (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Friday, October 16, 2009

Quintessential Selection_Number1 (10-16-09)

Okay, first order of bizniss is to let you all know I will be canceling the minimal selections on tuesdays, and the tech selections on thursdays due to a lack of free time in my life. Instead, I will be mixing the Minimal and Tech Selections together for a friday night House music extravaganza! I hope you all enjoy reading and listening as much as I enjoy writing and promoting this music. Without further adue, I give you the first installment of the soon-to-be world famous:
"Quintessential Selection"
With my intro being said already I'll get right into the music. First section will be minimal, the second will be maximal. Every track will be something worth looking into so im going to keep the long, repetitive descriptions out of it for now. Just remember that all these songs are top notch, and all in top quality. Thats how we do it here.




Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WildWednesday_Number40 (10-14-09)

Some wild tracks for your weekly dose, don't sleep on these. If you enjoy what you hear, stop over at Beatport and grab some other stuff.

Have a good one,


Henry Saiz - Madre Noche (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Larry Tee - My Pussy (Jeff Doubleu Remix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Robbie Buri- Tornado (Tech Mix)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

MildMonday_Number38 (10-12-09)

We know you've been looking forward all weekend for MildMonday to come so you can achieve your weekly dosage of chill. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of great music. Cruise to Beatport to support these artists


Friday, October 9, 2009

Tech House Selection_Number4 (10-09-09)

Bassey, clanky, sweaty, chunked-up, chopped down, screwed, ripped, strapped, Tech jams. You know how its done here; NO B.S. Just real, good, technical house music. You can find all these tunes and millions others over at Beatport, so get on that. Oh and can you say '300,000'? We can't thank you enough for the support and love, hopefully you will continue to follow us as we make our climb to the half million mark!

word to it,

Wasting no time with an intro track, this ones plain and simple. Heavy beats, and heavy bass; laden with strange hits, and croaking/cracking samples. Random whistles and voices here and there. Way crispy Tech.

Big, big track by Reshuffle here. A total of 10:00 play time but is in no way boring. This track takes you on a hard techno ride through huge breaks, builds, long rhythms of strange noises and synth stabs. Also note the great hi-hats.

I posted the Zulu Yankee remix of this track for WW, so if you enjoyed that, you gotta get this. Momma's boy goes over the top with south american voice and percussion samples, perfectly placed throughout this amazing track. High energy club, jazzy, groovy, Tech house.

Deep stuff to finish off this segment. Posh's repeating LFO'ed synth samples mesmerize you into a state of well being. Great stuff.