Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WildWednesday_Number29 (7-29-09)

Some enlightening and insane sounds for your head once again. Yes folks, it is that time of the week again, so get your Wild out and and see what all this is about! Don't forget to make a pit stop over yonder at Beatport
Now, on a more serious note, Fokko Versloot, who is featured today along with his lifelong buddy and producing partner, Koen Lebens with the track 'Circus', has just passed away. The 26 year-old DJ/Producer/Promoter/Journalist/Event Organizer hit a table in his Rotterdam home, after a fall which was likely caused by an epileptic attack of which he didn't survive the injuries. This summer was proving to be a huge summer for Fokko, with his tracks being played by some of the most influential DJs & Producers out there and some dream fulfilling gigs lined up at places like Awakening & Dance Valley. An impressive career was definitely in the pipeline for Fokko Versloot. We here would like to send our thoughts out to Koen Lebens, Fokko's family, friends and colleagues as this is truly devastating news. You will be missed Fokko, Rest In Peace.

Tribute to Fokko at Dance Valley 2009 as they play his most recent track with Koen Lebens, 'Moves'


Olivier Giacomotto - 96 Degrees (Superskank Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Acidkidz - Mad Mahoney (HiJack Remix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Fokko Versloot & Koen Lebens - Circus (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Chase & Status - Saxon (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Olivier Giacomotto, HiJack, Fokko Versloot, Koen Lebens, Chase & Status

Monday, July 27, 2009

MildMonday_Number27 (7-27-09)

MildMonday is here to save your day with it's beautiful sub tones and amazing simplicity. More than enough to hold you over until Wednesday when things start to get a bit more Wild. As always, feel free to buy any of these songs at a Mp3 downloading site that tickles your fancy (I.E. Beatport , DJDownload, and TrackitDown).


Sunday, July 26, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 19_ Major Lazer

Major Lazer is the legendary Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. The US military rescued him and repurposed experimental lazers as prosthetic limbs. Now, his cover is that of a dancehall night club owner from Trinidad and he enlisted the help of long-time allies and uber-producers, Diplo and Switch, to produce his first LP. His true mission is to protect the world from the dark forces of evil that live just under the surface of a civilized society. He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, has a rocket powered skateboard, and this week brings us a nothing-but-exceptional Essential Mix.

Major Lazer - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 7-25-2009

Diplo Mix
Shut Up And Dance - Ravin I’m Ravin
Barrington Levy - Reggae Music Dub
Barrington Levy - Send A Moses
Alton Ellis - Africa Descendants
Burning Spear - Live It Out
Artibella - Unknown
Toyan - African Thing
John Holt - 100 Weight Of Collie Weed
Barrington Levy - Murderer
John Holt - Police In Helicopter
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Another One Bites The Dust
Yello Man - Mr Chin!
Unknown - Sweet Dreams
Don Carlos - Ababa John I (Father Majesty)
Johnny Osbourne - No Ice Cream Sound
Admiral Bailey - Big Belly Man
Wayne Smith - Under Me Sleng Teng
Bruk Up ft. Shaggy - Sunglasses At Night
Ricky Blaze - How Mi Look
Martyn - Seventy Four
Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Seductive - Underground Sound
Major Lazer - Jump Up
Party Quad - Pull Up
Digital Manges - Manges (Sharkslayer Club)
Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor Beatacue Mix
Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor
Nirvana - Lithium
Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle
LBG - Don’t Stop The Music
Solid Groove - This Is Sick
Mavado - Weh Dem A Do
Dandy Livingstone - Rudy, A Message To You
Unknown - Unknown
Unknown - Unknown

Switch Mix
Mr. Oizo & Sebastian - Arrival
Major Lazer - Lazer Theme
Artist Unknown - Mash Up De Place
King Jammys - Judgement Day
Bjork - Nattura (Switch Remix)
Ace Of Base - All That She Wants
Ninjasonik - Pregnant Accapella
Major Lazer - Baby Riddim Feat. Prince Zimboo And M.I.A (Switch Remix)
Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value VIP)
Major Lazer - Rebellion (Anything Goes) Accapella
Leftside - Shi Nuh Wahh
Terror Fabulous & Nadine Sutherland - Action
The Shadow And The Ventures - Hawaii Five-O Feat. Andy Milonakis
Major Lazer - Hold The Line Accapella
Shawna Feat. Twista & Ludacris - R.P.M
Unknown - Unknown
Rye Rye - Shake It To The Ground (Switch And Santigold Remix)
Major Lazer - Cash Flow (Subskrpt Remix)
DJ Malvado - Puto Mekie
Major Lazer - Can't Stop Now Accapella
Switch & Crookers - Untitled
Mapei - Belly
White Label - Fuckin' House
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor(Drop The Lime Remix)
Unknown - Unknown
DJ Sega - I'm A Flirt
Major Lazer - Pon De Floor Beats
Par-T-One - I'm So Crazy Accapella
Amanda Blank - Something Bigger, Something Better Accapella

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wildlight: Tom EQ

Tom EQ is turning some heads in the Electro-House scene as he properly showcases his unique style through glitchy voices and chunked-up basslines. Tom gets props from the biggest names in the game, and sells his records through the most talented labels in the genre. Just to name a few: Warehouse, Jack Union, Jack Knife, and his new Ep featuring two tracks, 'Shock Out' and 'Tell Dem' with a remix from the original bass-head and MildWild favorite, Will Bailey, was just released on 'Gung Ho! Recordings'. His sound is hard to put a name on but,

"...whatever you want to call it, it's music for the dancefloor that doesn't take itself too seriously." - Tom EQ

Enjoy these killer tunes , then make sure to check the new music on his Myspace and over at Beatport!

Free track off Tom's myspace with some sliced up Estelle vocals sure to make any club bounce properly

Jak-Z & Scott Cooper - Move Ya (Tom EQ Remix)
Voices chopped to bits, piano sample, huge kick. Simple but heavy.

Jak-Z & Tom EQ - Killa (Original Mix)
Squishy Bassline and great vocals, along with a 50's piano sample. 'Killa' tune.

Bill Eff - Warp (Tom EQ Remix)
Great accapella with a funky, stabbing basement-bass riff. Personal favorite.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WildWednesday_Number28 (07-22-09)

Some huge tunes for all ya'll today courtesy of all of us here at MildWild. Ravishing material from some of your favorites as well as some you might want to keep a tab on. As always, make sure to support these artists and their work by downloading it here at Beatport.


Supernova - Ritual (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Style of Eye - Girls (Original Mix)
~Sébastian Chassé

Dave Schiemann- Overload (Re-Ward Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

SonicC - Stickin' (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Terrance Dizko -Deep Thoughts (Kyle Watson Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Supernova, Style of Eye, Dave Schiemann, Re-Ward, SonicC, Terrance Dizko, Kyle Watson,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mildlight : Alex Kenji

A man of many monickers, Alex Kenji is. If you have ever stumbled upon Yoshie Chandler, Combo, Green Sugar, HouseLovers, D.L.D., Orange Love, Kaiko, or Itchy Bit, then you were listening to the man, 28 year old Alessandro Bacci from Italy. He is co-owner of two record labels, Hotfingers and 303Lovers, with fellow chart-topper Manuel De La Mare, and together they have provided the electronic music community with countless big room bangers.
In many of his releases I've become aware of a signature rolling bassline that transforms a track into a living, breathing entitiy. His original 'Up' is one of these tunes and quickly climbed the Beatport charts to sit snugly in the #1 spot.
Kenji also frequently draws upon Latin samples and elements from different genres accross the EDM spectrum, including deep house, progresssive, and techno. These sounds culminate into what can only be described as a tech house masterpiece... and Alex Kenji undoubtedly has many of them. Be sure to support this genius by checking out his other tracks in the Beatport player.

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Alex Kenji - Volviendo Loco (Original Mix)
Soothing Latin guitar build gives way to a massive drop. Brilliance...

Paul Cart - Dancing Under The Stars (Alex Kenji Remix)
Very relaxing tech track with that signature rolling bassline.

Wilson & Matt Smallwood & Ingram - Perfect Sunrise (Alex Kenji Mix)
Catchy tune that makes me feel like I'm floating through the solar system.

Alex Kenji - A Lot Of (Original Mix)
Living and breathing indeed. Killin' it with that Latin flavor.

Monday, July 20, 2009

MildMonday_Number26 (07-20-09)

Good day to all, and to all a good day! The mildness of Monday is once again upon us, and as usual, we're havn't aimed to disappoint. Check out these beautiful sounds and stop by Beatport to show these cats some love


Moby - Pale Horses (Gui Boratto Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Glimpse & Alex Jones - Cambria (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Super Flu - Shine (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Links : Moby, Gui Boratto, Glimpse, Alex Jones, Super Flu

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Official MildWild Drink Mix

So this weekend Seb and I got a little carried away while making a souped up lemon-aid. We started mixing stuff together, blending fruit, and topped it off with a quarter gallon of 'Captain Morgan 100 Proof'.It just so happened that this drink was amazing and we felt it needed a name, and what else but, "The MildWild". It was mighty refreshing on the scorching hot day, and we ended up getting a little buzz for our CDJ session.
*This drink can be mixed with either Vodka or Rum.

Get A large container, good for mixing.


3 parts Grapefruit Juice.

1 part Lime-aid.

1 part Frozen Fruit, (Preferably Strawberries and Pineapple), Blended to a puree.

2 parts XXX Vitamin Water.

So much Ice. 

Pour your alcohol accordingly to how wasted you want to be... obviously. 

Stir and serve over ice, the colder the better.


Moving on to your musical thirst, heres an absolutely amazing tech track by Rocha and Lewinger; Best served with the bass knob cranked. Drink your Mildwild on the rocks and get a kick outta' this. 

- Ivan

EssentialSunday~Number 18_ Exit Festival

It's the 10 year anniversary of the legendary Exit Festival, Serbia. Four days and seventeen stages packed into a moat facing a Serbian Fort with the biggest artists at your disposal; Kraftwerk, Moby, Grandmaster Flash, and Lily Allen to name a few. This week the Essential Mix brings you four of them, with Ritchie Hawtin and Dubfire going "click to click" in hour one and Magda and Locodice squaring off in hour two, this is definitally a good taste of what was in store at the massive event. Enjoy!

Richie Hawtin & Dubfire, Magda & Locodice Live @ Exit Festival, Serbia - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 7-18-2009

Richie Hawtin & Dubfire
Jpls - Voxplosion Escape
Jpls - Voxplosion Puss
Surma - T47 Tool
ADF - Perugia
Perc - Work Softer (Matador Remix)
Chris Liebing - Auf Und Davon
Fergie - Maktub
Cybersonik - Technarchy (Marcel Dettmann Remix)
Sistema - 320 Sistema (Demtrio Schmith & Javier Ordun Remix)
Nick Curly - Pujante
Phil Kieran - Demo
Mark Henning - Jilted Love (Tim Xavier Remix)
Aldocadia - Demo
Paul Ritch - Carramba (Monkey Mix)
Simon Beeston - Under The Sofa
Ricky Ambilotti - Construkt
Len Faki - BX 3

Magda & Locodice
Tracklisting Unavailable

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WildWednesday_Number27 (7-15-09)

It's Wednesday and it's time for your weekly fix of some head blasting madness (no pun intended Mr. Lincoln.) Check out what's there today and sift through what's right for you! And as always, it's way cool to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music!


Manuel De La Mare - Mueve La Cintura (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

AC Slater - Rock It Out (Scott Cooper Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Christian Cambas- Sirens (Squash 84 Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Andre Winter - Trauma (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Manuel De La Mare, AC Slater, Scott Cooper, Christian Cambas, Squash 84, Andre Winter

Monday, July 13, 2009

MildMonday_Number25 (7-13-09)

A Mild day once and again, so get mellow and check out what we have for you today. Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


Andrea Bertolini & Spartaque - Interstellar Space (Piatto Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Paul Kalkbrenner - Queer Fellow (Original Mix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Martin Roth & Marc Van Linden - Kickback (Pierre Deutschmann Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Ramon Tapia - Mi Esposa (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Andrea Bertolini, Spartaque, Piatto, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ramon Tapia, Martin Roth, Marc Van Linden, Pierre Deutschmann

Sunday, July 12, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 17_ Caspa

Completely tearing down the house in this weeks Essential Mix is London's bass monster, Dub producer, and runner of the highly regarded Sub Soldiers imprint (sister label to Dub Police), Caspa. When it comes to filthy greatness, this guys all over it. He shows off his unique style throughout this two hours as he flips through some roaring bass, catchy vocals, huge builds, and Badman Reggae. If your thinking about skipping this week due to a lack of Dub taste, don't! This mix might surprise you! With that being said, this mix is also not for the faint at heart, our more mild followers should listen with caution. If not, it's loudness button is on' as our good friend would say. Enjoy!

Caspa - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 07-11 -2009

Caspa's Ghostly Intro
Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
Sub Scape - Nothing’s Wrong
Emalkay - Angie Got Stoned
Skream - Dutch Flowerz (Rusko Remix)
Mungo's Hi Fi - International Roots Feat. Earl 16 (LD Remix)
Mala - Eyes
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Trolley Snatcha - Scattah
Caspa - Riot Powder
Caspa - Table Cloth
Sub Scape - Dominent Species
Benga - Desening
Emalkay - Metropolis
Nneka - Heartbeat (Chase & Status Just Brought A Guitar Mix)
Skream - Clap Your Hands
The Others - Dot 2 Dot
Caspa - I Beat My Robot
The Others & N-Type - Cicuit
Sub Scape - Clear My Throat
Trolley Snatcha - The Future
Rusko - Cockney Thug (Caspa's Sub Soldier Remix)
Benga - Mini Moto
LD - King Of Kong
D1 - Pitcher
La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream'z Let's Get Ravey Remix)
Chase & Status - Saxone
Depeche Mode - Wrong (Caspa Remix)
Coki - Goblin
Sub Scape - Wrong Number
Kutz - Trash City
Chase & Status - Mad House
Caspa - Louder VIP
Caspa - Marmite
Caspa - Terminator
Caspa - Terminator (Trolley Snatcher Remix)
Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)
TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)
Emalkay - Explicit
Trolley Snatcher - Circles
Skream - Metal Mouth
Emalkay - Battle Suit
Prodigy - Warriors Dance (Benga Remix)
Search & Destroy - Day Break
Distance - Menace
The Others - 100 Dollar Bills
Caspa - Ready Eddy
Matty G - Turf Warz
Caspa Feat. Dynamite MC - The Takeover
Grand Puba - Get It (Caspa's 80Eighties Remix)
Caspa - They Like It Low
Vista - Poupee (J-Kenzo Remix)
Search & Destroy - Blue Mantra

To give you a sense what his music is made for.

Also, a few words from the fellow regarding his Debut album, ' Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening!'

Oriental sounding goodness, not so heavy, yet still dark

YUCK, this is the grime!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WildWednesday_Number26 (07-08-09)

Back again and in full swing this time! We're all feeling loads better and have some particularly special and wild tracks for you today, so go ahead and grab em while they're still steaming! Karma is good for those who stop by Beatport and support these Artists, so do yourself a favor and head on over!

The World Domination - Fuckmachine (Malente Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Gramophonedzie - Street Lady (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Silvio Ecomo & Chuckie - Moombah (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Boy 8-Bit - Baltic Pine (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : The World Domination, Malente, Gramophonedzie, Silvio Ecomo, Chuckie, Boy 8-Bit,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Suck My Deck!

To commemorate the release of the latest addition to UK clubbing institution Bugged Out!'s pioneering Suck My Deck mix series (released today on New State Recordings), we thought we'd give you a preview of what to expect if you were to pick this up from your local record store...
In many ways the natural successor to Simian Mobile Disco and Boys Noize, who each strove to reflect and exhibit their interpretation of underground clubbing in their respective Suck My Deck compilations, it is Brodinski who opens our eyes to a fresh fascination for all things techy, bouncy, percussive and, above all, fun!
Opening with one of our favourites here at MildWild, Duke Dumont's remix of Bathroom Gurgle, it's not long before we're guided into a maelstrom of hard-hitting bass, melodic synths and techy attitude which includes tracks from current darlings of the scene Renaissance Man, the ever-funky Format:B and the imperious Popof.
Previews of yet-to-be-released bangers from the likes of studio-partner Yuksek, Kenton Slash Demon (the long-awaited Khattabi), Franz & Shape, Momma's Boy, Noob, Riva Starr, DJ Zinc and Okain are all a welcome bonus, but the Frenchman's inclusion of perhaps-forgotten favourites, such as Paul Ritch's Nordbanhoff and Roland M. Dill's jacking remix of Lucio Aquilina's Disco Bus, are testament to a man who has gone beyond making a mere hype mix, but a debut compilation which can be taken as a true representation of his own vision of dance music and DJing.
Having listened to this mix all the way through (and many times on repeat since!), you're easily reminded why this man from Reims has been making waves all over house, techno and electro scenes for the past couple of years: his mixing and attention to detail are superb, but it is his ability to not only ride the crest of a wave but actually help create it, through his dedication to discovering and pushing good new music of all kinds, which makes him - and at only 22 years of age!! - such an exciting prospect for the future.

To get you in the mood, here's a full tracklisting and just a few of the ace tunes from a mix packed full of punch...

Bugged Out! presents Suck My Deck: Mixed by Brodinski

Late Of The Pier - Bathroom Gurgle (Duke Dumont Remix)
Kenton Slash Demon - Khattabi
Okain - Jim Raynor
Gregor Salto ft. Thais - Mexer (Funkin Matt 3AM Remix)
KC Flightt - Voices (Riva Starr Remix)
Yaron Cohen - Laffy Taffy
Momma's Boy - Betowe
Broombeck - The Clapper
Format:B - Boing 030
Lucio Aquilina - Disco Bus (Roland M. Dill Remix)
Rhythm Code - Scorpion
Popof - High & Down
Tom Flynn - Blow Out
Paul Ritch - Nordbanhoff
Noob - Petite Bestiolle
Heiko Laux - Mirabella
Boy 8-Bit - Wolfen
Renaissance Man - Haarlem
Zinc - Blunt Edge
Tiga - Shoes (Djedjotronic Remix)
Franz & Shape ft. Motor - Melt (Sex Schön Remix)
Yuksek - We R Not Supermenz (Dub Version)
Iron Curtis - Solgerhood
Orlando Voorn - The Beholder (Marco Bernardi's Respect To Mix)

Gregor Salto ft. Thais - Mexer (Funkin Matt 3AM Remix)
Nice deep beats with a tribal flavour. And I don't know exactly what Thais is saying, but it sounds sexy...

It's lucky Paul Ritch can remember his scales, because he uses them to great effect here in this soaring piece of techno. A forgotten favourite?

If you haven't picked this up yet, where have you been? Rusty liquid synth madness with extra punch and intriguing vocal snippets.

Snarling all the way, the punch on this is not to be underestimated. A dancefloor devastator.

An alluring slice of deep house packed to the brim with reverberating synths and effects, whilst maintaining a strong sense of openness and even playfulness.

Anyway, enough of all this talk. NOW GO OUT AND BUY IT! ;D

The support of the artists included in this mix is another of our aims. Visit their myspaces, check out their tunes and don't forget to buy what you like from Beatport or anywhere else you can get your hands on warm, shiny 320 copies!!!

Links : Brodinski, Late Of The Pier, Duke Dumont, Kenton Slash Demon, Okain, Funkin' Matt, KC Flightt, Riva Starr, Yaron Cohen, Momma's Boy, Broombeck, Format:B, Lucio Aquilina, Roland M. Dill, Rhythm Code, Popof, Tom Flynn, Paul Ritch, NooB, Heiko Laux, Boy 8-Bit, Renaissance Man, DJ Zinc, Tiga, Djedjotronic, Franz & Shape, Motor, Yuksek, Iron Curtis, Orlando Voorn, Marco Bernardi

Monday, July 6, 2009

MildMonday_Number24 (07-06-09)

With the Independence Day of 2009 having just passed, it has definitely left some of us here at MildWild semi-coherent and ravished to say the least. I recieved a forwarded text message from Ivan today about a text sent to him the night of the Fourth from Sébastien :

" Aey fool iwazasadaf thefourt hcos you wasn herre buti wasl ooking for you fooliw as wonderingwhe re you wereat homie! Thecd js wr of dahoo k addatechouse was ill for the four fool, sooil. "

With that, we're keeping it extra Mild for you today. Have a lovely Monday, and we'll see you on Wednesday (when our headaches have subsided). Also don't forget to stop by Beatport and support these Artists!


Hipp-E - Sweet Sticky (Scope [Ric McClelland] Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

M83 - Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)
~Sébastien Chassé

&Me - F.I.R. (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Flying Lotus - 1983
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Hipp-E, Ric McClelland, M83, Jackson, &Me, Flying Lotus

Sunday, July 5, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 16_ Erick Morillo

This weeks guest is no stranger when it comes to the Essential Mix. In 2005 he smashed the decks live at Space Ibiza, one of the most off parties of the year and now he's back to do it again in the '09. Erick Morillo constantly rocks the likes of Pacha in Ibiza at his legendary Subliminal Session parties, which was named "Best International Club" of 2002 and "Best Ibiza Party" of 2001 by Muzik Magazine. He has mixed countless compilation Cd's which he shows off his talent differently in every single one. Morillo's prestigious swagger while mixing is a sight to be seen and his track selection has to be considered pure pleasure, bringing an enormous crowd as he travels the world playing at the wildest parties imaginable. If your a fan of classic house, your going to love this mix!

Erick Morillo - Radio 1's Essential Mix 07-04-2009

In The Beginning (Acapella) With, A:Xus Suite - Disappointment (Pete Heller Classic Vocal Remix)
ATFC - The Conversation (Original Mix)
Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello - Leave The World Behind (Steve Angello Edit)
Erick Morillo Feat Deborah Copper - I Get Lifted (Michael Grey & Danism Vocal Mix)
Erick Morillo & Richard Gray - Say The Word (Patrick M Remix)
Juan Kidd And Mark Brown - Burning (Original Mix)
Sir James - Special (Bingo Players Remix)
The Frenchmakers Feat. Andrea Britton - Miracle (Mischa Daniels Remix)
Julien Jabre - Vicious Circle (John Dahlback Remix)
Lee Kalt & Mark Alston Featuring Missus M - Kiss & Fly (Main Mix)
Taped - The Question (Albin Myers Remix)
Unknown Artist - As Good As (Riva Dunstramental)
Unknown Artist - Free My Soul (Muzzaik Remix)
Dean Newton & Huggy - 747 (Dub Mix)
Shovell & The Latin Hooligans - Soul Makossa (Chocolate Puma Beats)
DJ Dove - Vaya (HCCR Bambossa Dub Mix)
Unknown Artist - The Shakalaka (Original Mix)
Unknown Artist - Happy Piano (Original Mix)
Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Raul Rincon Remix)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Au Revoir

Dear avid MildWilders,

I'm going on vacation for a few weeks and due to the fact that I will not have my music collection on me, I felt that it would only be proper to share some of my summer favorites with you all. Looking forward to posting again on my return.

Zygmunt, Bastian Schuster - New Orleans

The Menu - Moss Eisley Canapé (Tomski & Fredboy Edit)

Thomas Schumacher - 3 Note Jazz (Original Mix)

Martin Buttrich - Programmer (Original Mix)