Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WildWednesday_Number8 (2-25-09)

Some wild tracks for your whatever your Wednesday is like. Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.


Pryda - Animal (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Uppermost - So The Answer Is (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Sound Of Stereo- Heads Up (Mightyfools Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Gareth Emery - This Is That (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Kissy Sell Out - Gonna Make You Mine (Kissy's Ghetto Fabulous Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Pryda, Uppermost, Gareth Emery, Sound Of Stereo, Mightyfools,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Elephant Man?

Listen up! Our good friend Alan Hostage is right back again and has a roll call of tracks for you that's an audio sock right to the ear! The goodness can't be denied as he skillfully showcases a whopping 27 tracks within a short 38 minutes with agility and class, showing that this basshead is on top of his game without a doubt!
Hostage Hypermix 2009
Reso – If Ya Can’t Beat Em (Original Mix)
Lady Sovereign – I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix)
Dave Spoon & DJ Zinc – Ghost Train (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Digitalism – Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
Lee Mortimer – Closer
(Original Mix)
Hostage – Shake It (AC Slater Remix)
A1 Bassline – Badman Horror Theme
Bird Peterson – The Essence
(Original Mix)
Mixhell Feat. Oh Snap!! & Jen Lasher – Boom Da (Crookers Remix)
A1 Bassline Vs Rusko - Cockney House
(Original Mash)
Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
Moston & Malente – Do The Right Thing (Alternative Mix)
Hostage – Ain't No Man
(Original Mix)
Foamo – Rockerman (Lee Mortimer Remix)
Piddy Py – Giggle Riddim
Hostage – Hoot
(Original Mix)
HeavyFeet - One Last Time (Original Mix)
Prodigy – Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Remix)
Hostage – The Slave
(Original Mix)
Little Boots – Meddle (AC Slater & Skeet Mix)
3 Is A Crowd – Take It Back (Heavyfeet Remix)
The Squire of Gothos – Sandpaper Riddim
(Original Mix)
Lee Mortimer - Letting Go (Andy George Hype Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists (JFK Edit)
Stupid Bastard – Hype Up
(Original Mix)
Toddla T - Manabadman (Andy George Re-Fix)
Ivan Allard - Bumbaclartzzz (Original Mix)
As if 38 minutes of intoxicating bass madness wasn't enough for you, we're also throwing Hostage's latest creation, "Elephant", right your way. Rave inspired madness meets ultimate bassline contortion creating some static whipping that's out of this world, all around it's just an absolutely fantastic production and you need to check it out for yourself. Don't forget to pick up anything your diggin over at Beatport or at any of your other favorite digital download shops.

Hostage - Elephant (Original Mix)
A masterful working, complete with an aurally pleasing breakdown and some forceful bass

Monday, February 23, 2009

MildMonday_Number5 (2-23-09)

Happy Monday to all you out there, hope the weather is right, the day is tight and the music is playing loud. Pop these on in your playlist for some minimalistic jams for your enjoyment. Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.


Komytea - 9 (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Spartaque - Fake Crisis (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Mark Mendes - Beneath You (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

The Knife - Silent Shout
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Komytea, Spartaque, Alter Ego, Tiefschwarz, Mark Mendes, The Knife

Friday, February 20, 2009

Greg Wilson

Hop on in the boogie portal and lets take a trip back.. back.. way back to the super sounds of the 70's with my main man of funk, Greg Wilson. As you may have known, this Electro/Funk master had quite a bangin' Essential Mix this past month as he slapped down some mad tracks on the BBC. Starting his DJ career in the year of 1975 and becoming one of the most influential turntablists in the UK, Greg has been bringing us beats for quite sometime. After retiring in 1983 the man returns two decades later to reclaim his place on the funk throne, and by the sound of this Essential mix, he deserves it!

Greg Wilson - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (01-17-09)
The Originals ‘Down To Love Town’ (Dimitri From Paris Edit)
Soul Searchers ‘Blow Your Whistle’
Goody Goody ‘It Looks Like Love’
Shirley Lites ‘Heat You Up’ (Melt Down Mix)
Metro Area ‘Dance Reaction’
Talking Heads ‘Psycho Killer’ (GW Edit)
Sugardaddy ‘Love Honey’ (GW Version)
Chic ‘I Want Your Love’ (Todd Terje Edit)
Q ‘The Voice Of Q’ Nitro Deluxe ‘This Brutal House’
Atlantic Conveyor ‘We Are’
Firefly ‘Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)’
Kasso ‘Walkman’
Rose Royce ‘Do Your Dance’
Gunchback Boogie Band ‘Funn’
Rufus Feat Chaka Khan ‘Ain’t Nobody’ (Frankie Knuckles Mix)
Happy Mondays ‘WFL (Vince Clarke Mix)
Young Dog Alien ‘Gotta Keep Workin’ It’ (GW Mash-Up)
Stevie Wonder ‘Superstition’ (Todd Terje Edit)
Loose Ends ‘Hangin’ On A String’ (Frankie Knuckles Mix)

Aretha Franklin ‘Rock Steady’ (Danny Krivit Edit)

Gwen Guthrie ‘Seventh Heaven’ (Larry Levan Mix)
The Commodores ‘Machine Gun’ (Situation Edit)
B.T (Breanda Taylor) ‘You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too’
West Phillips ‘(I’m Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face’
Edit The Edit ‘Two Sides Of Sympanthy’ (PTA Mash-Up / GW Edit)
Stone Roses ‘Fools Gold’
Banbarra ‘Shack Up’
War ‘Me And Baby Brother’
Gino Soccio ‘Try It Out’

Geraldine Hunt ‘ Can’t Fake The Feeling’

Brown ‘ I Specialize In Love’
Visual ‘The Music Got Me’
Incredible Bongo Band ‘Apache’

Tweet ‘Boogie 2nite’ (Fat Camp Mix) – Elektra
Dc La Rue ‘Cathedrals’ (GW Edit) – Disco Deviance Teenage DJ ‘I Was A Teenage DJ Pt 1’ (GW Edit)
Sir Joe Quarterman ‘(I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind’ (Barna Soundmachine Edit)
League Unlimited Orchestra ‘Things That Dreams Are Made Of’
TW Funkmasters ‘Love Money’

Last Rhythm ‘Last Rhythm’
The Clash ‘Casbah Breakdown’ (Joey Negro Edit)
808 State ‘Pacific State’ (GW Edit)

1gnition - Secret Sunday Lover (Greg Wilson Edit)
[File Deleted: More Info]
Get on down!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Proxy

Ok ok ok... We all know nothing says "F*&! You" like a quality slap from Moscow based producer The Proxy. And yes, we all know dropping "Raven" at any nightclub makes all the honeys involuntarily cream themselves, but what's a responsible DJ to do when even their Grandmother knows such catchy tunes? Well here at MildWild we love everything this man is doing and are excited to finally showcase some of his nuclear audio, along with a promotional mix done for Kissy Sell Out's (former) weekly show, "In New Dj's We Trust" on Radio 1, which I must say is completely insane. Check out what we have for you today and support The Proxy by purchasing his stuff over at Beatport.

Some visual insanity to accompany the sound that is The Proxy:

The Proxy - Radio 1's In New DJs We Trust W/ Kissy Sell Out (09-19-08)
Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax Remix)
Laven & MSO (Feat. Malte) – Reach (Alte Schule Acid Instrumental)
Polymorpbic – Rock To Play (Original Mix)
Autodidakt – Shit Your Rack (Proxy Remix)
Volatile – Faces Of War
Proxy – Who Are You? (Original Mix)
Math Head – Get Hype (Original Mix)
Aleem –Felix Yo! (Chef Remix)
Shadow Dancer – Cowbois (Dilemn Remix)
Math Head – Turn The Music Up (AC Slater Remix)
Digitalism – Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
Proxy – Raven (Live Edit)
Medicine – I’m Sick

The Proxy - Dancing In The Dark (Original Mix)
A fresh vocal and gnarly bass, my personal favorite

The Proxy -Dancing In The Dark (Hostage's Hard Dub Edit)
Some epic revising from our favorite bassline connoisseur, Hostage

Digitalism - Home Zone (The Proxy Remix)
The party anthem of the year, this is sure to start anything properly

Moby - I Like To Move It In Here (The Proxy Remix)
An explosive take on this fresh Moby joint, priceless old school vox

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WildWednesday_Number7 (2-18-09)

In between new additions and future installments being worked on here, it certainly has been quite the week. Hope all is well on your front, enjoy some quality tracks and get your Wednesday on! Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.


Armand Van Helden - You Don't Know Me (Teo Moss Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Lars Moston - What Now (Malente Remix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
~Sébastien Chassé

JELO & Adam K - Crazy Disco (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

The Prodigy - Omen (Hervé's End Of The World Remix)

[File Deleted: More Info]
~Ivan Aagnok

Jack Beats feat. Mc Dynamite - What (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mail: Nellie Recordings, Powder & Louder, Slanted Black

So we've been letting our mailbox pile up for a little while, but it's time to let some items flow out right into your hands. To kick it off, we'll share with you some items from the always generous Nellie Recordings. This time they've sent us 'York' by Gun For Hire, which has received a beautiful progressive remix by Audible. We post only the best tracks we receive in our mailbox, so we were delighted when Kristoffer (Nellie owner) sent these over. Grab them while their hot!

Gun For Hire - York (Original Mix)
A soft, blissful tune best described as progressive tech-house.

Gun For Hire - York (Audible's Unreleased Remix)
A powerful progressive track here. Not surprised at the quality after hearing Carbine/White Mouse.

Also fresh from Nellie Recordings, Mark Bale just released two new songs, 'Tabaka' and 'Happy Tears'. These are quality progressive tracks, so make sure you check them out! [Purchase here]

Next up, a new label called Powder and Louder has sent over tracks from their first release by Wiesel & Captain Koma. Some pretty good electro house right here.

Wiesel & Captain Koma - Falling Up (Original Mix)
Great track, the vocals can be a bit annoying but the quality production won me over.

Wiesel & Captain Koma - Die Polizei (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
This remix is out of control. Solid electro house here, get it!

Now we have some new electro fidget by an production trio from the Tokyo Underground that goes by 'Hear No Evil'.

AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Hear No Evil Bootleg)
Nice vocal chopping. Nobody can touch the original, but this is a nice attempt.

The Count and Sinden - Beeper (Hear No Evil Remix)
Quality remix with good use of vocals.

Júnior Faria has been sending some quality material. I thought I would pass on the best of what he has sent us.

Felix - Don't You Want Me (Júnior Faria Remix)
The build is similar to the original but drops into a minimalistic tribal beat. 4 stars because it gets a bit repetitive.

No we're not done yet, The Squatters sent us their take on The Prodigy's 'Everybody in the Place'.

The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (The Squatters Remix)
Wobbly electro house basslines, pretty sweet track.

Last but definitely not least, our good friends from Slanted Black Records sent us over the tracks from one of their new releases. Get ready for some quality tribal beats!

Juice - Slow Down (Original Mix)
A ten minute behemoth of a track, with a tribal beat and electro elements.

Juice - Slow Down (Stereo Headz Remix)
A progressive take on Slow Down, quality work here.

Juice - Slow Down (Escodero & PHM's Unleased Remix)
Dark tribal with tech-house elements. A bit repetitive.

Juice - Impossible Silence (Original Mix)
Great tribal beat, epic builds, fantastic tune.

That's it for our recent mail. If you'd like to be featured in one of these posts or maybe even get your own post, be sure to send your content to Until next time...

Monday, February 16, 2009


With all the heavy bassline action coming out today, it's getting harder to distinguish the quality work from the mediocracy ridden norm. United Kigdom based duo James and Mike of HeavyFeet, are definitely spot on when bringing that little something to the tabel that we all love: Quality. After falling in love with their spin on original hit "The Rubdown" by MC Flipside, It wasn't hard to see that they've been consistently producing some of the heaviest house around. With originals that keep your head throbbing and remixes for folks like Natty Jack, Klaus Hill and Sonny J, it's absolutely certain they're here to keep the sounds coming. Here's some heat from the pair, dig it and pick up anything you like over at Beatport.

A clever interview with the two, get in their heads :

HeavyFeet Autmn Promo Mix
[File Deleted: More Info]
CJ Reign & Proton - Go To The Floor (Original Mix)
Gella - Chi Kaa Chi Koo (Original Mix)
Johnny Fiasco - Conduction (Original Mix)
Two Lone Swordsmen - Shack 54 (Frogs In Socks Remix)
Speaker Junk - Run The Track (Original Mix)
Vukasin & Ruffcut - Understand (Natty Jack Remix)
Groove Allegiance - Ramp It Up (HiJack Remix)
HeavyFeet - Drop The Beat (Original Mix)
Filthy Dukes - Tupac Robot Club Rock (Oliver $ Remix)
Affie Yusuf & Trevor Loveys - Insects (Original Mix)
Sexual Chocolate - Ass Backwards (HeavyFeet Remix)
Nadastrom (Feat. Blaqstarr) - Tween U & Me (Original Mix)
HeavyFeet - Rude Bwoi (Stupid Fresh Remix)
3 Is A Crowd - Take It Back (HeavyFeet VIP Remix)
Nadastrom - Pussy (Original Mix)
Busy P (Feat. Murs) - To Protect & Entertain (Crookers Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Flat Beat (Original Mix)
Zinc (Feat. Foreign Beggars) - Move (Original Mix)
The Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girls (HeavyFeet Remix)
Gella (Feat. Spyda) - Twinkle (Baobinga & ID Remix)
HeavyFeet - We Gettin' Crunk (Original Mix)
Rico Tubbs - New Flava (Original Mix)
Richard Dolby - The Origin (Original Mix)
Pirate Soundsystem - Pum Pum Head (Original Mix)
ID - Flay (Original Mix)
TRG - Killed It Dead - (Emalkay Remix)
Billy Daniel Bunter & Shimano (Feat. Karen Danzig) - How Am I? (Original Mix)
Axwell - I Found U - (High Contrast Remix)
Cabbie - Heavy Duty(Original Mix)
Danny Byrd - Shock Out VIP (Original Mix)
Benga & Coki - Night (Zinc Remix)
HeavyFeet - Rude Bwoi (WT Remix)

HeavyFeet - One Last Time (Original Mix)

Ouch, this one's got some bass

HeavyFeet - She Got It (Original Mix)
Not so heavy, but some damn good house

HeavyFeet - We Gettin' Crunk (Original Mix)
*Must be crunk'd to dig


Sonny J - Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand) (HeavyFeet Remix)
Sick, ritzy and complete with a grimey bassline, while still disco reminiscent

MildMonday_Number4 (2-16-09)

Ah, another Monday, another helping of carefully selected workings for you're groove induced minds. Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.


The Minimum - Alinoman (Alex Young's Keep It Simple Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Tim Green - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

James Braun- Spanish Fly (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Noze - You Have To Dance (Mathais Kaden's Beatpolka Mix)

~Ivan Aagnok

Recloose - Dust (Induceve Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : The Minimum, Alex Young, Tim Green, Justin Martin, James Braun, Noze, Mathias Kaden, Recloose, Induceve (Jesse Rose & Dave Taylor)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

WildWednesday_Number6 (02-11-09)

Hope everyone is having a properly Wild Wednesday, heres some gut socking tracks to tickle your fancy. Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.

Calvertron - Doo Doo (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Bass Weazal - Break The Bomb (Respect To Kenny Dope Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Sébastien Léger- The People (Original Mix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Ink Punk Phunk - Radio5 (Hervé Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

The Touch - Maximization Nation (Trevor Loveys Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Calvertron, Bass Weazal, Sébastien Léger, Hervé, The Touch, Trevor Loveys

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Hostage Situation

A familiar pounding of bass, a scratchy, machine like growl, and hissing goodness that gets the party started just right; Sounds like Alan Hostage, our favorite Scotland based bass fiend. As always, Alan's been up to some flabbergasting things, pumping out fresh and original tracks that as any follower and fan would expect are injected with some filthy, Ravey love. Following the previous release of the 'Shake It EP' on Nightshifters, he's seen another hot streak and has some new songs he'd like us to share with you, as well as his January Mix (compiled according to his Beatport Top 10 Chart). With this it's impossible to deny that Hostage will remain dominant in the shattering of ear drums and the pleasuring of party goers. Don't forget to check out his tracks over on Beatport, and enjoy these tracks as a token of his good will.

Hostage - Mash Up The Speaker (Original Mix)
A rave reminiscent electro sensation! get ready for some intense stabs and a wobbly wiggle

Hostage - The New Gun (Original Mix)
A relentless bassline throbber, this one has all you want from a Hostage song while bobbing a fresh new rhythm in front of you, a choice jam

Hostage - Bring The Music (Original Mix)
A new kind of sound from Hostage and we definitely love it! Lots of horns and dance madness! A must have for your collection!

Hostage - January 2009 Mix

30 Minutes of Fresh!

Tod Hodge & Chris Elliot (Stupid Fresh) are entirely successful in bringing you 30 minutes of absolutely insane wobble chaos directly to your dome in the utmost proper fashion. With the mix covering genres from Electro House, Dub Step, and Techno, it's no surprise these lads bring you some stupid fresh sound. The mix is wrestled down perfectly and mixed flawlessly, it's definitely not one you want to skip over! Check them out on Mickey Slim's steadily expanding Bombsquad Records and don't forget to check out their releases over at Beatport.

Stupid Fresh - 30 Minutes of Fresh
Buraka Som Sistema - Sound Of Kuduro (Radio Edit)
Sis - Nesri
Lily Allen
- Fear (The Count & Lily Face The Fear)
Lily Allen
- Fear (The Count Saves Lily From The Fear)
rpunk - Up 2-11 (The Yank Remix) / Hijack - Sketch Out (Original Mix) / Missy Elliot - Gossip Folks (Acapella)
Jack Beats
- What? (Boy-8-Bit Remix)
DJ Sneak
- Droppin' Kisses (Feat.Kid Infinity) (Hervé Radio Edit)
The Prodi
gy - Everybody In The Place (AC Slater Bootleg)
Eso - If Ya Can'
t Beat Em
floor Disko Kidz - Who Is You?
Mr Oizo - Flat Beat
Vs India - Nifty In Love

Monday, February 9, 2009

MildMonday_Number3 (02-09-09)

Good day to all of you, hope you're ready for a mild massacre. As always, these tracks are top picks from our libraries, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Also to spice things up, we are also upping the ante and will now be posting MildMondays and WildWednesdays every week, instead of our usual biweekly schedule. Hope these tracks tide you over until Wednesday when things'll get a bit wild. Don't forget to support these artists by purchasing their music on Beatport and other digital download stores.


Shonky - Coco Feel and Love Shonk (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Steve Lawler & Alex Tepper - Doves (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso- 555 (Chris Barratt Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Sasha - Coma (Gabe & Dimitri Nakov Remix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
~Ivan Aagnok

Scsi-9 - Railway Three (Original Mix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Shonky, Steve Lawler, Alex Tepper, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Chris Barratt, Sasha, Dimitri Nakov, Scsi-9