Thursday, April 30, 2009

MildLight : D-Unity

When a post is created about individual artists, It's for one of two reasons; Sometimes promotion is given to those who release outstanding work accompanied by the fact that they are ill-promoted, meaning some Mild-light can be shone on them to give these Artist(s) some support. Otherwise, posts are written about artists who simply make tunes that blow me out of my socks, regardless of how popular they might already be. The group I'm promoting today, D-Unity, is definitely not under-promoted. With features on compilations by three of the Top Ten DJs in the world Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, and Paul Van Dyk. The duo hails from Toronto and is signed onto the Beat Therapy record label. Their tracks are all over the top of the Beatport Minimal charts, and for sale almost anywhere you can purchase digital music. However, just because they have their name out there already, doesn't mean they wouldn't appreciate a few extra bucks in their pocket for all their hard work. If you like what you hear, take a stroll on over to their Myspace to see what's up and coming, their new track 'Sax me up' is straight fire! Just in case you had to pay to get your dog neutered this week or something, here's some of my favorites from the pair and a whimsical Remix to boot. Enjoy!

Animal samples with crazy delays and reverbs, Bongos, Maracas, and a huge kick. Must I say more?

Heavier, Deeper. Lots of bass. Their most popular song on beatport right now.

Minimal Monster. Long, thought-out groove and crashing breaks, the name says it all.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WildWednesday_Number16 (4-29-09)

Serving up some fire this Wednesday, don't miss out! Support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


Sebastien Drums, Eric G, Tom - Funky Beep (Jonathan Landossa Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Afrojack - Maybe (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Alter Ego - Why Not? (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

The Faint - Mirror Error (Das Glow Remix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Rusko - The Biggest Chopper (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Madox - Duckalicious (Original Mix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Sebastien Drums, Johnathan Landossa, Afrojack, Alter Ego, Das Glow, The Faint, Rusko, Madox

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mildlight :

Here at MildWild, we're dedicated to showcasing some of the up-and-coming talent we're getting excited about.. with that, I know exactly what's been floating my boat recently:

Firmly tapping into the emerging aesthetic of all things conga and jazz, certainly seems one to look out for in the future. Often collaborating with other like-minded artists such as Bastian Schuster and YNK,'s work surfaces on the warm side of tech, with inspiring source material crafted into seductively percussive tunes that swim in organic housey goodness.
Having put out exceptional releases on Weplayminimal and OFF Recordings (the New Orleans EP, which has been all over the charts over the past couple of months), this rising star is already causing a stir in both house and tech circles. With projects lined up for Get Physical, Kindisch, Micro.fon, Made To Play and Basti Grub's Höhenregler and MERKESDIR (run w/ imprints, it's not long before everyone will have a piece of this Frankfurter's work in their library. So, to kickstart the collection, here's a quick taste of the gems has to offer.. & YNK - Capetown River Boating (Original Mix)
Anthemic? That chant will stay with you long after the track has stopped playing. Nice ethnic vocal sample looped over a punchy, conga-laden beat. & Bastian Schuster - New Orleans (Original Mix)
While the jazz sample might polarise opinion, there's no doubt this will turn heads on the dancefloor. A bonafied hit. - Work That Body (Original Mix)
Delving into deeper territory here, the congas are back and spit out a hypnotic rhythm through which fragile vocals peep out intermittently. & YNK - Primitive Fire (Original Mix)
"Rising, rising..."
Whilst the sample may suggest otherwise, here we're taken on an even deeper excursion. Packed full of combative energy, loaded kick drums burst through a swirl of conga-splatter in this relentless assault on the senses.

On a side note, I'm sorry I can't really give stars for these, but I think the idea of reviewing is necessarily subjective, so to rate them could be misleading. Obviously, I think they're all good tracks otherwise I wouldn't have put them up in the first place, but I can only point out the aspects of the tunes which I find particularly inspiring - and then it's up to you to see whether or not you like them.. Hope you enjoy!

Remember, if you like what you hear, please support the artists by buying their music from Beatport, Juno or anywhere else that takes your fancy. And keep an eye out for those new releases - looks like they're gonna be fun!

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Monday, April 27, 2009

MildMonday_Number14 (4-27-09)

Here's a new MildMonday for you! Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


(Removed By Request)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Mark Henning - S'All Good (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Dakar & Siopis- Dubai (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Hennon - Tirem (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Catz 'N Dogz - Sunset In The East (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Adam Shaw - Dog (Original Mix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : King Roc, Alex Kenji, Mark Henning, Dakar, Siopis, Hennon, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts, Adam Shaw

Sunday, April 26, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 7_ Sub Focus

Although here at MildWild it is truly uncommon for drum & bass to be posted, I believe that this week's Essential Mix deserves a listen. The young and talented Nick Douwma a.k.a. Sub Focus brings to us a nonstop sleezy-bass filled mix that completely blew my head off. Only first being introduced to the electronic community in 2003, Sub Focus has pushed the limits of drum & bass earning him the number one spot on the UK Dance Chart with his 12" 'X-Ray/Scarecrow' in March of 2005 and another top spot in June of 2008 with past 12" 'Timewarp/Join The Dots'. He's one of the top producers for the 'king of drum & bass' Andy C's massive label RAM Records and sure doesn't disappoint with both his productions nor this explosive mix. For this week's BBC ear pounding pleasure we have none other than Sub Focus. Enjoy!

Sub Focus - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 04-25-2009
Sub Focus ‘Rock It’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Juno‘ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Timewarp Vip’ (Ram)
Ed Rush And Optical ‘Chubrub’ (Virus)
Switch - A Bit Patchy (Sub Focus Remix)’ (Data)
Origin Unknown ‘Lunar Bass (Commix Remix)’ (Ram)
Deadmau5 ‘I Remember (J Majik & Wickaman Remix)’ (Virgin)
Spor ‘Aztec’ (Shogun)
Culture Shock ‘Machine’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Follow The Light (Instrumental Mix)’ (Ram)
High Contrast ‘If We Ever’ (Hospital)
Xample And Lomax ‘Remember’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Airplane’ (Ram)
Ed Rush And Optical ‘Pacman (Upbeats Remix)’ (Virus)
Sub Focus ‘Vapourise’ (Ram)
TC ‘Space Animals’ (D-Style)
Nero ‘Do You Wanna’ (Viper)
Chase And Status ‘Is It Worth It VIP’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Deep Space’ (Ram)
Hazard ‘Taktix’ (Playaz)
Dirtyphonics ‘Vandals’ (Audioporn)
Noisia ‘Alpha Centauri’ (Vision)
DJ Touche ‘Vampires’ (Southern Fried)
TC ‘Where's My Money (Caspa Remix / Jack Beats Re-Edit)’ (D-Style)
Sub Focus ‘X-Ray (Tittsworth Bmore Mix)’ (White)
Sub Focus ‘X-Ray’ (Ram)
Chase And Status ‘Pieces’ (Ram)
Original Sin ‘Dr Feels Good’ (Playaz)
Ram Trilogy ‘Screamer VIP’ (Ram)
Sub Focus ‘Triple X’ (Ram)
Culture Shock ‘Bad Red’ (Ram)
Brookes Bros ‘Last Night’ (BBK)
Sub Focus And TC ‘Borrowed Time VIP’ (D-Style)
Chase And Status ‘Mad House’ (Dubtrade)
Bjork ‘Nattura (Switch Remix)’ (One Little Indian)
Breakage ‘Together’ (Digital Soundboy)
La Roux ‘In For The Kill (Skream Remix)’ (Polydor)
D-Bridge ‘Wonder Where’ (Non-Plus)
Origin Unknown ‘Truly One (Remix)’ (Ram)
Klute ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ (Commercial Suicide)
Culture Shock And Furlonge ‘Surprise’ (Ram)
Logistics ‘Girl From Mars’ (Hospital)
Interface ‘Get Lo’ (Audio Zoo)
Ram Trilogy ‘Gridlock (Break Remix)’ (Ram)
Moving Fusion ‘Turbulence’ (Ram)
Sigma ‘El Presidente VIP’ (Life)
Fresh ‘Talkbox’ (BBK)
Pendulum ‘Ransom’ (White)
Break ‘The Truth’ (Symmetry)
Lomax ‘Artisan VIP’ (Ram)
Noisia ‘My World’ (Ram)
Phace ‘Cold Champagne’ (Neo Signal)
Fresh ‘Heavyweight’ (Digital Soundboy)
Prodigy ‘Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix)’ (Xl)
Fresh ‘Signal’ (Ram)
MGMT ‘Time To Pretend’ (HC Remix)
Break ‘Evil Twin’ (Symmetry)
Sub Focus ‘Let The Story Begin’ (Ram)
Bad Company ‘Oxygen (Drilla Killa)’ (BC Recordings)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mildlight : ARA (Agent Orange)

Barcelona's born and raised ARA is truly standout to say the least. His Tech House style is similar to the works of such great artists as Style of Eye and Format:B, with classic instrument usage showcasing trumpets, guitars, French horns and so on. Along with this Tech alias, ARA has another upbeat project in which he calls, 'Agent Orange'. ARA founded and releases on his own record label, Gotham Grooves, and has a few other tracks out with Relatives and Drakos Recordings. He's got a decent amount of releases but not so much on the promotion side, so we thought we'd help em' out.

Funk horns. Tech-House beat. No huge buildups, no huge drops, just lots of really good noise.

Spanish sounding guitars, poppy french horns. Mild yet Wild.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

WildWednesday_Number15 (4-22-09)

Hey hey everyone! Another beautiful day here and another great opportunity to share some amazing tunes! Today also happens to be our main man Emmanuel's birthday! Leave some love for him and check out his birthday message below for an awesome birthday gift from the man himself. As always, don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their tunes!


David Vendetta & Barbara Tucker - Anticipation (Sebastien Drums & Rolf Dyman Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

John Acquaviva & Madox - Running From (Feat. Tommie Sunshine) (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Phunk Electric- Video Games Crash (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Douster - For Weirdos Only (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Fatboy Slim - Rockafeller Skank (Riva Starr 'Snatch' Remix)

~Ivan Aagnok

Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco (The Martin Brothers Thizzy Disco Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : David Vendetta, Barbara Tucker, Sebastien Drums, Rolf Dyman, John Acquaviva, Madox, Tommie Sunshine, Douster, Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr, Tricky Disco, The Martin Brothers, Phunk Electric, Tiga, N00B

Emmanuel's Birthday Message
Hi everyone, hope you're enjoying the blog and making the most of the sun (if you've got it!). It's my birthday today and I just wanted to share one of my big tunes of the moment with all of you. It's the main man Noob's remix of Tiga's outstanding track, Shoes. Huge stuff!! It would be a lovely birthday present for me if you were to go out and buy it.. I've reduced the quality so you've gotta go do it anyway if you wanna be that cool, 320-playing, RayBan-sporting, raggamuffin tykster... cheeky. Take care! :D ~Manu

Monday, April 20, 2009

MildMonday_Number13 (4-20-09)

Greetings everyone, hope your weekend was superb! Here's some mild tunes to help you recover. Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


Adam K & Soha - Question (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Matt Star - Kuhle Fliege (Hugo Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Tigerskin - Heat (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Ed Davenport - Eyespeak (KiNK Remix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Mario Ochoa - Cubes (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Oxia - Change Works (Original Mix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Adam K, Soha, Matt Star, Tigerskin, KiNK, Ed Davenport, Mario Ochoa, Oxia

Sunday, April 19, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 6_ Joris Voorn

Rotterdam-based Joris Voorn has steadily been making a name for himself as both a DJ and producer over the past decade with a string of acclaimed releases on labels such as Keynote, Sino (Technasia) and Cocoon. Voorn also heads two labels of his own: Green and the ever-inspiring Rejected Music, through which he often showcases material from his other projects, including Dark Science and Rejected (with Edwin Oosterwal).
Voorn’s production style results in a kind of ethereal techno grounded by its leanings towards Detroit-style vibes, developing on authentic grooves which can carry you through to tomorrow morning.
Currently undertaking a world tour to commemorate the release of the outstanding collage of sound that is his Balance Series double mix CD, the man himself has taken time out of his busy schedule to delight us all (and especially Pete Tong..) with an enchanting two-hour long mix. Interweaving world ambient sounds, soaring techno and chunky deep house, Voorn creates a limitless soundscape that can’t fail to enthral. We hope you enjoy MildWild’s Essential Sunday No. 6!

Joris Voorn - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 04-18-2009
Zmar feat. Avi - Singing Stars (Unreleased)
Blamstraim - Fraim Math (Sending Orbs)
Joakim - Tanabata (Versatile)
The Aloof - Morning Spangle (Eastwest)
Andrew Bird - Effigy (Fat Possum Records)
Izmar - Weird Friend (Unreleased)
The Detroit Experiment - A Tast Of Tribe (Planet E)
Biosphere - Mir (Apollo)
Apparat - Fractales Pt.2 (Shitkatapult)
Nikolaj Grandjean - First Picture (Sonar Kollektive)
Bola - Aguilla (Skam)
Pete Namlook & Jochem Paap - Cll T M Frnd
Minilogue, Decoy, Imps - Almost Live But Definitely Plugged (Move D Remix) (Mule Electronic)
Manoo - Abyss (Deeply Rooted House)
Azuni - Use Me (Sthlmaudio Recordings)
Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub) (Strictly Rhythm)
Guy Noir - Delusion (Argy Big Room Dub) (District Of Corruption)
Ben Klock - Subzero (Ostgut Tontraeger)
Yagya - Rigning Nu (Sending Orbs)
Filippo Moscatello - Furio Wild Beach (Mood Music)
A:Xis - Suite Disappointment (Rebirth)
Model 500 - The Flow (Frank De Wulf Remix) (R&S)
Ame - Doldrums (Innervisions)
Milton Jackson - The Rhythm Track (Jimpster Remix) (Freerange)
Loko - Black House (Soulman)
Masomenos - Ladies (Welcome To Masomenos)
Dop, Markus Homm, Feygin - Budva (Slum Dop Remix) (Diynamic)
Erenesto Ferreyra - Osmosis (Thema Recordings)
Matt Nordstrom & Orlando Villegas - Spanglish (Saved)
Quince - Electric (Delsin)
Hermanez - Marrakech (Martinez Remix) (Miconn Records)
Joris Voorn - Empty Trash (Rejected)
Radio Slave - Sundazed (Rekids)
Slam - Positive Education (Paul Ritch Remix) (Soma)
Joris Voorn - Sweep The Floor (Rejected)
I:Cube - Supernovac (Joris Voorn Unofficial Edit) (Versatile)
Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Baumel - Untitled (Rejected)
Tadeo - Metro (Cyclical Tracks)
Tadeo - Singo De Intrusin (Cyclical Tracks)
Tadeo - Transmission (Cyclical Tracks)
Autechre - Nine (Warp)
Teddy Douglas, Luis Radio - The Violin (5 Mile House Mix) (Basement Boys)
Wigald Boning - Kobra Dance (Joris Voorn Interpretation) (Compost)
Ripperton - Random Violence (Unreleased)
Carl Craig - Es.30 (Planet E)
Kettel - Mannschaft (Sending Orbs)
Sigur Ros - Heysåtan (Emi)
Pj Harvey & John Parish - Cracks In The Canvas (Island Records)

Joris Voorn - The Deep (Original Mix)
A stand-out piece from Voorn's From A Deep Place album. A smoothly rising harmony, full of anticipation with a distinct Detroit vibe.

Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix)
Big track from last year. Given the Voorn touch, this Robert Babicz track becomes an epic, uplifting piece of soaring techno.

Rejected - Let's Go Juno (Original Mix)
A bit of an extra, this is a track from Voorn's side-project with Edwin Oosterwal. Can't get enough of those chords!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mail: Alaa, Le Castle Vania, Trash Yourself, The Toxic Avenger, Andrew Bonilla

No time for small talk... big tunes have been piling up in our inbox and it's time to let you enjoy the goodies we've received. To those of you included in this post, sorry for the delay!

Before the tunes, lets start with a video sent to us by none other than Shab Ruffcut himself. It's the visual promo video for 'Feed Me' his new song with the man Trevor Loveys, and its absolutely insane (in a good way of course).

Get this track on Beatport while it's hot!
Links: Shab Ruffcut, Trevor Loveys

Alright, now for a lightning speed roundup of tunes in no particular order.

MSTRKRFT - Bounce (The SONIXX Remix)
Huge synths and samples on top of those great vocals we've all come to love! 'All I Do Is Party!' The Sonixx

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (John Roman Remix)
Quality tune... I actually really enjoy these vocals. John Roman

Gabriel Marchisio - Retro Parade (3DAX Remix)
3DAX - Robo Dildo (3kttordeejay Remix)
3DAX - Robo Dildo (Alx Deejay Remix)
Three tunes for all you Fidgety bleeps & bloops lovers. 3DJ

Alaa - Rhea (Original Mix)
Alaa - Eurynome (Original Mix)
Alaa - Melia (Original Mix)
Wow, huge sounds here... all must haves for Prog fans! Nellie Recordings and Alaa never cease to amaze me!

The Virgins - Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania's Spring Break No Parents Remix)
Great material from Le Castle Vania. Electro disco!

Michael Meds - Level (Original Mix)
Fantastic Progressive Electro tune. I'm officially on the lookout for more Meds! Michael Meds

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger - Die (Original Mix)
Brain-melting electro. You may die while listening to this. Trash Yourself, The Toxic Avenger

Andrew Bonilla - Casa (Original Mix)
Andrew Bonilla & Baca - Shake This Way (Original Mix)
Two great tunes here from Andrew B. Casa is a tech banger and Shake This Way has choice vocals!

Zinc feat. Foreign Beggars - Move (Dub)
Lots of wobble in this one... will definitely get the party moving though. DJ Zinc
Here's a link to the rest of the release on Beatport

That's it for this mail post. Send your material over to mildwildblog[at] and we'll include you in the next post if we're diggin your tunes.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mildlight : M.Tahan

With mainstream Tech-House names becoming so common, it's always great to catch an explosive artist before they've reached the popularity that comes with producing great music. Brazilian based Tech-House producer M.Tahan is surely one of these producers, his brilliant Tech-House is truly out of this world. Tahan was brought to my attention while searching through Beatport, and I stumbled across his new EP out on Crunchy Music entitled, 'Elephant', and let me tell you, it really blew my load. As I listened to both of the tracks I figured I would force some promotion onto his music, (due to the fact that he has less than 7,000 views on his myspace!) Again and as always here at MildWild, It's new, it's simple, and it's quality. Check out the EP that caught my attention and definitely keep an eye out for M.Tahan in 2009. If your really feeling saucy, go buy it on Beatport.

M.Tahan - Elephant (Original Mix)
Spacey and fresh. So noisy but so clean!

M.Tahan - Fuck Fiction (Original Mix)
Less noise, more groove. Full with Jungle percussion foreign vocals and such.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wildlight : Mat Zo

As you might of noticed by now, we here at MildWild are generally not big fans of posting Trance music. I don't know what it is... is it the fast paced beats and flurry of synths that we are afraid to embrace, or do we just love Electro, Tech, and Progressive House too much to even venture into the enigma that is Trance? I would guess that it is the latter, but either way we are definitely missing out on some quality production. Jean-Baptiste recently introduced me to a Trance artist that definitely deserves some recognition, Mat Zo, also known as DJ Matan Zohar. This 19 year old prodigy resides in London, but has recently been performing all over Europe showcasing his skill. At this young age he has already remixed big names such as Tiesto, Andy Moor, and Markus Schulz, and has released music on enormous labels like Anjunabeats and Armada. He generally produces trance, but I'll also share with you some other tunes that exhibit this artist's versatility. Keep your eyes peeled because you'll definitely be seeing Mat Zo's name much more often.

*Please note : MildWild does not regularly post Trance ; Astounding music is indeed an exception as always, and you will continue to hear what sounds superb


Mat Zo - Lucky Strike (Original Mix)
Mat Zo - Synapse Dynamics (Original Mix)
This release can turn a Trance hater into someone that at least appreciates the genre. Synapse is a bit more progressive but both of these songs contain huge basslines, beautiful synths, and pounding drums

Erphun - 2wo Butterflies (Mat Zo Remix)
Powerful Tech House remix here, although there are definitely still Trance like elements within

Tyler Michaud & Mat Zo - Stubby (Original Mix)
Fantastic Electro House tune capable of popping any party

Go to Beatport.comGet These TracksAdd This Player

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WildWednesday_Number14 (4-15-09)

Big tunes this week, hope we electrify your Wednesday somewhat. Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


Dyor & Maurizio Gubellini - Loving You (Peruz Electribe Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Deadmau5 - Catbread (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Moston & Malente- Fucked Up (Stupid Fresh Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

MixHell - Boom Da (Downtown Remix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Santiago & Bushido - Got That (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Karoshi Bros. - Love The World (Magik Johnson Vox Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links: Dyor, Maurizio Gubellini, Peruz, Deadmau5, Lars Moston, Malente, Stupid Fresh, Downtown, MixHell, Santiago & Bushido

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mildlight : Rice Twins

The Rice Twins are a Swedish Tech House duo that formed in 2005 by way of Valdemar Gezeliuz and Jesper Engström. Signed on the illustrious KOMPAKT label with monster names like Gui Boratto, Scsi-9, John Dahlback, Jonas Bering, Oxia, and Dj Koze. The Rice Twins deep, up-lifting style of House is very aurally pleasing, and nearly impossible to dislike. The list of Dj's dropping The Rice Twins tunes is worldwide and diverse with styles ranging from Minimalistic to some of the hardest Electro. This EP can change the mood of any set and makes for great mix-ins. As always here at MildWild we love to bring you quality that keeps it simple, and thats exactly what The Rice Twins represent. Grab this EP for a sample, but never forget to show your support!

The Rice Twins - The Signifier (Original Mix)
Up-lifting, bouncy, and fresh. definitely a mild masterpiece

The Rice Twins - Rock Saga (Original Mix)
A little more glitchy, and deeper, with less downtime

Monday, April 13, 2009

MildMonday_Number12 (4-13-09)

Time for another installment of minimalistic, techy tracks to please. Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music, you know they'd appreciate it!


Siwell - Kenya (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Kama & Mac Gregor - Inside (Pig & Dan Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Wippenberg- Drumster (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Heckmann - Silverscreen (Butch's Special K Remix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Télépopmusik - Breathe (Ultra Tiger Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Donk Boys - Cp Styre (Original Mix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Siwell, Kama & Mac Gregor, Pig & Dan, EDX, Heckmann, Butch, Télépopmusik, Ultra Tiger, Donk Boys

Sunday, April 12, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 5_ Carl Cox

A legendary man of legendary talent is back in action after a 10 year break from the UK as one of the worlds top Djs, bringing us a remarkable Essential Mix. Starting his career in the mid-80's as a hardcore/acidhouse Dj has brought him up to today's speed by becoming the leader of Intec Records and 23rd Century Records as well as creating the celebrated Space nights in Ibiza. As one of Ibiza's most acknowledged promoters, Carl Cox is deep within the roots of the party scene not only in the small Spanish island, but all over the world playing some of the biggest shows including Love Parade, Glastonbury Festival, and most recently Ultra Music Festival in Miami. This being said, Mr. Cox is definitely worthy of MixMags title of being the best Dj for the last 25 years. This week's more than qualified electronic aficionado for the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is none other than Carl Cox.

Carl Cox - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 04-11-2009
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus (TVR Remix)
George F - Simo
Mauro Picotto - Living For The Time (Technasia Hard Mix)
De La Soul Vs Kurd Madvrick - Ring Ring Ring Hay How You Doing?
Faithless - Music Matters Feat. Cass Fox (Mark Knight Remix)
Elio Riso - Trombone In Ibiza
The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats (Tim Davison Mix)
Jay Kay - Belfast Kiss
Nic Fanciulli - 20%
Greg Gow - Section 23 (Old Skool Banger Mix)
Jon Rundell - Damager
Umek - Gatex (Fergie Mix)
Sergy Casttle - Arpeiator
Dave Clarke - Red 2 (Yousef Edit)
Mason - Kippschwinger
Petrae Foy & Ptc Project Long Train Final Mix
James Talk - Yucca
Sharam - Say Yeah
Shin Nishimura - Frustration
Umek - Designed Persona (Andy Chatterley Remix)
Petshopboys - Loveetc (Kurd Maverick Club)
Ralvero - Party People
Steve Mac & Paul Harris - Dizzy Heights
Leftfield - Phat Planet (Mark Knight & Funkagenda Remix)

Carl Cox - I Want You
Piano and vocal chops are a perfect pair

Carl Cox - I Want You (Deadmau5 Remix)
Classic Mau5bass

Friday, April 10, 2009

A New Renaissance?

Hello everyone,

I’m Emmanuel and I’m the latest addition to the MildWild crew! So I thought for a first post, I’d introduce myself properly by showing you the sorts of things I’m finding truly inspiring right now in the brimming world of electronic music. Hopefully it’ll be a taster of what’s to come and will whet your appetite for more juicy tunes in the future...

For a while now, I’ve been hot on the trail of the kind of dubby tech and electro house being produced by the likes of Jesse Rose and Oliver $. Always fresh, always twisting through unexpected crevasses, these artists have helped bring the fun back into house music – for me at least! This is the kind of playful philosophy that Jesse and the gang have used to help shape the dynamic of his pioneering imprint, Made To Play. In these uncertain times, I’m finding myself becoming more and more attached to certain record labels as I can trust them to deliver release after release of quality, forward-thinking music. With acts such as Duke Dumont, Idiotproof, Jan Driver, and Riva Starr in their back catalogue, Made To Play is definitely one of them.

John Acquaviva, Olivier Giacomotto & Jonny Lexxs - Too Cool 4 Skool (Riva Starr Rework)
Frantic, bouncy and relentless. Riva Starr leaving his bold mark on this one

In the same way that we’re all tightening our belts nowadays, there seems to be an increasing aesthetic shift towards stripped-back productions that still deliver on punch and, most importantly, FUN. Coupled with the drive of tropically-influenced DJs and producers such as Brodinski, the search for this kind of innovative style has again led me in the direction of some lively labels, including Institubes’ fledgling little brother, Sound Pellegrino. Having already released a debut EP featuring the likes of Zombie Disco Squad, Solo, and Mowgli from London’s bristling midget tech scene, Sound Pellegrino seems to have set itself right on the crest of this particular zeitgeist. With upcoming work from French-born-yet-Argentinian-residing (?) Douster, Harvard Bass and Finnish innovators Renaissance Man on the agenda, I for one can’t wait to see where these guys will take us. It's cute, new, fresh, fun and totally exciting!

Zombie Disco Squad - Esperanto (Original Mix)
Fun-filled stonker of a house track. Sure to get you smiling as well as dancing!

At the same time, Worthy has been patiently carving out a similarly interesting vein in the US with his ever-exciting Anabatic Records. Taking on a more minimal approach, Anabatic has come to specialise in bouncy, driving compositions that never fail to enthral whilst, at the same time, proving dance-floor killers in the right hands. Again, the label-boss seems to be looking in the direction of the sort of tropical tech that’s been getting increasing attention in recent times, having just signed Momma’s Boy (a new, stripped-back upstart for Mikix The Cat). In fact, Momma’s Boy has also got an EP coming out on Sound Pellegrino in the near future and has remixed Douster’s For Weirdos Only coming out on the same label later this month. What a happy family! But anyway, here’s a track from the newest addition to Anabatic, London’s own Tom Flynn.

Tom Flynn - Spaced Out (Original Mix)
Cool, warping, spacey tech track, sure to turn some heads.

Meanwhile, progressing as ever, Tartelet and its close-knit Danish kin remain a bastion of all things fresh in the house world. Whilst they may not be the most prolific of collectives, every release is right on the money and worth every penny. Get ready for a brilliant new EP from the Copenhagen duo Kenton Slash Demon, out later this month!

Tomas Barfod & Fredski - March On Swan Lake (Original Version)
Tartelet label-bosses Fredski & Tomboy make a foray onto Get Physical for this slow-to-reveal yet uplifting piece of Tech House.

On calmer shores, Germany’s Kindisch and Diynamic labels have been kicking up a storm recently with a string of exquisite releases. Taking things into hypnotic, organic territory, I can always trust these imprints to warm my soul as well as my dancing shoes.

Stimming - Una Pena (Original Mix)
A standout track from last year on Diynamic. Step on board the organic rollercoaster ride...via some enchanting female vocals...

So that’s all for my first full contribution to the MildWild community and I hope you've liked it! (and I promise my upcoming posts won’t be so all over the place...)

And in the future? I hope to share with you the best in pure house, minimal and dubby techno. Let's bridge the gap between what's mild and what's wild..!


Remember, if anything in particular has tickled your fancy, please leave a comment and tell us what you’d like to hear more of. Don’t forget to support the artists by following their progress, going to see them live, buying their releases or downloading their tracks from your favourite digital download site. Beatport works a treat!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WildWednesday_Number13 (4-7-09)

Howdy to everyone out there, today we have some great news and we're more than excited to present it to you! Last week, we announced that we would be supplying a new addition to our 'Those Who Post' list, and as we promised, we shall deliver. In this, it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, the most intelligent and dedicated friend I've yet made on all my endeavors into the world of House Music and Electronic compositions; Emmanuel Tamaison. With the addition of Emmanuel, we are especially excited to continue bringing you coverage of your favorite artists and also, loads of new material from artists you may not have heard of (and definitely need to). We are confident this has been a wise decision, and we hope you enjoy the clever workings we will be sharing with you over time. Stay tuned for some introduction posts from Emmanuel, you'll be just as happy to have him aboard as we are!


Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores and putting some money down, you know you want to!


fRew & Jess Higgs - I Got Something (Adam Bozzetto Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Format:B - Something Suitable (Original Mix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Dada Life - Happy Hands & Happy Feet (Moonbootica Remix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Romanthony's Nightvision - Never Fuck (Congorock Remix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Tiga - What You Need (Proxy Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

ZZT - Lower State of Consciousness (Justice Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : fRew, Jess Higgs, Adam Bozzetto, Format:B, Dada Life, Moonbootica, Romanthony's Nightvision, Congorock, Tiga, Proxy, ZZT, Justice

Monday, April 6, 2009

MildMonday_Number11 (04-06-09)

Today we're back atcha with some beautiful tracks to relax your mind, body and soul..Just like this beautiful, beautiful sunset pictured above. On another note, It looks as if we may have fooled some of you last Wednesday (April Fool's Day), and we hope everyone can understand that we here are all just as human as anybody else, so of course we wanted to have some holiday fun! Of course, please be a supportive listener and go out and purchase these artist's tracks via Beatport or your other favorite digital download store. Stay tuned for a special addition this Wednesday!


Funkagenda - Breakwater (Dataworx Remix)

~Nyklus VanHoorn

Sis - Orgsa (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

First State- Your Own Way (Album Edit)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Milton Jackson - Ghosts In My Machines (H.O.S.H Deep As F**k Bonus Mix)

~Ivan Aagnok

Mohan Das - Oh Yes (Original Mix)

~Zygmunt Hainrich

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 4_ Tiga

This week we have a man who is back again for the Essential Mix for his second time, and is packing twice the punch. Montreal's own, Tiga. Best known for his glitchy tech-house productions, Tiga is a master of original sound. He's the lead man behind Turbo Recordings whos featured artists such as Popof, The Proxy, and his other production workings with Zombie Nation called ZZT. Tiga's most recent constructions include a 12" titled 'Mind Demension', two singles titled 'What You Need' and 'Overtime', as well as his much regarded podcast 'My Name is Tiga'. This man is definitally two steps ahead of the game, so I hope you all can keep up with the utter madness is this week's BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix: Tiga.

Tiga - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (04-03-2009)
Air Liquide - The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
Telefon Tel Aviv - The Worst Thing in the World (Gaiser's Possibly the Universe Remix)
Sei A - Smile For Me (Original Mix)
Arnaud Rebotini - Decade of Aggression (Jesper Dahlbäck Remix)
Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses at Night (Konrad Black Remix)
Sei A - My World
(Original Mix)
The Mole - Like The Way (Original Mix)
Seth Troxler - Face Tribute to Head (Original Mix)
Depeche Mode - Wrong (Magda's Scallop Funk Mix)
Plastikman - Risk Assessment
(Original Mix)
Yo Majesty - Club Action (Stanton Warriors' Mo Bass Remix)
Sydney Samson - Riverside
(Original Mix)
Tiga - Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix)
Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky - Circle Jerk (Bloody Beetroots Remix)
Tiga - What You Need (Proxy Remix)
The Dove - My Album is Complete
Housemeister - Beef Jerky
(Original Mix)
Moby - I Love to Move in Here (Proxy Remix)
Housemeister - Who is That Noize?
(Original Mix)
I-Cube - Supernovac (Live at the Lanchonete Version)
Donato Dozzy & Giorgio Gigli - Real Love EQ
(Original Mix)
Mike Mind - Acid Machine (Original Mix)
Tiga - Overtime (Original Mix)
Matias Aguayo - Walter Neff
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Mars Arizona (DFA Remix)
Sei A - This Is
(Original Mix)
Peaches - Lose You (Matt Walsh & Alex Jones Remix)
Tiga - Mind Dimension (Ben Hoo's Mind Die Menschen Remix)
Zombie Nation - Worth It Pt. 1
(Original Mix)
Zoo Brazil & Adam Sky - Circle Jerk (Milano 309 Remix)
Mr. Oizo - Steroids (Mr. Oizo Remix)
Tiga - What You Need (Zombie Nation Remix Pt. 2)
Marco Carola - Ninety
(Original Mix)
Guy J - Shaman (Cari Lekebusch Remix 1)
Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Tiga's 1-2-3-4 Remix)
Cage & Aviary - Television Train
(Original Mix)
MGMT - Electric Feel (Prince Language Remix)
LCD Soundsystem - Too Much Love
Tiga - Love Don't Dance Here Anymore
(Original Mix)

Tiga - You Gonna Want Me (Extended Vocal)
Great vocals. Well put together track.

Tiga - What You Need (The Proxy Remix)
Loud and grimey, just what we like!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WildWednesday_Number12 (04-01-09)

Today is a special day for us here at MildWild and we're absolutely thrilled that you could join us! Along with launching a new layout for the month of April, we're also celebrating our 150,000th view, and because of this were giving you a WildWednesday that packs an enormous punch!
When Seb and I first created MildWild we had no idea that we would acquire such supportive fans as yourselves, and with the addition of Jean-Baptiste, Ivan, and Zygmunt on our team, we surpassed our highest expectations. I just wanted to take this chance to thank all of you for checking out what we have to offer, whether you bookmarked us, signed up for our RSS feed, or even just found our link on another blog or through a search. Our mission is to provide you with tunes that we think are fantastic, so that you can enjoy them as well. Cheers!


*Stay posted for our latest addition to the MildWild bunch in the coming week!

If you haven't already figured it out, half of these songs were April Fools Jokes, they have now been crossed out

1. Hoxton Whores - Devil Toy (Main mix)
2. Foamo - Wardance (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

1. Will Bailey & Wongo - Fish Sex (Original Mix)
2. Mr Oizo - Steroids (Mr Oizo Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

1. Jak-Z - Saxamaphone (Original Mix)
2. Dopamine & James Cocozza - Bogun (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

1. Drop The Lime - Tabac Theme
2. Kissy Sell Out - The Kiss (Jack Beats Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

1. Jjak Hogan - Devo (Oliver $ Dub)
2. The Bulgarian - Air Bounce (Nick Supply Remix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links: Hoxton Whores, Foamo, Will Bailey, Wongo, Mr Oizo, Jak-Z, Dopamine, James Cocozza, Drop The Lime, Kissy Sell Out, Jack Beats, Jjak Hogan, Oliver $, The Bulgarian, Nick Supply