Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WildWednesday_Number38 (9-30-09)

Not much to be said presently. Its just one of those days. It could be the weather, or just how much I drank yesterday. Who knows? Anyways, do your thing here, then head on over to Beatport to catch these tunes in their natural habitat.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Minimal House Selection_Number3 (09-29-09)

Here at MildWild we claim 'keeping it simple' is what we do best. Therefore we should also claim Minimal as our top subject. Keeping it moving with just the bare essentials; drums, bass, and masterful sampling. These tracks are just that. Some high-grade minimal steaks for all you hungry suckas. Enjoy the free lunch then head to Beatport if your still 'hungry', for a heartier meal. I cant force feed you all your music.

*Also just a note: If you enjoy this segment, it will be posted every Tuesday, followed by my Tech Selections, (which get a little more 'maximal') featured every Friday. Otherwise see ya tomorrow for wildwednesday.


Startin off with some strong, live drums, which continue through this entire track. The bass comes in hard, soon followed by small voice samples floating around everwhere. Keyboard samples here and there, keeping you entertained through the the break. All Dragosh's sounds come in and out when it wants to. This music follows no ones rules. Which it shouldn't.

Tom Ellis doesn't disappoint in this one. A nice easy minimal tune with a downtempo feel, but huge driving bass and percussion. Its hard not to just bob ya head to this one. 'The Writers Story' was released as part of a compilation Ep with Tom Ellis and Leif called 'Tone' EP. An amazing amount of time must have gone into working on this track, and it was well worth it.

Finishing off more on the Techier side of things with this wonderful piece from our good friends, The 'Donk Boys'. Amazing organ and voice samples, slamming kick and bassline; simple yet much noise floating around. This track was featured on their 'Sucker Punch' Ep and was a huge success, sitting on a lot of important top tens over this summer.

Monday, September 28, 2009

MildMonday_Number36 (9-28-09)

Lets just say if these tracks were women, they'd be extremely attractive, exotic women. And I know everyone here at MW loves beautiful women. So that basically means everyone here at MW would most definitely take any one of these tracks out on a date, and would like so much to take each one home and make sweet love to it. Beatport also has a very large selection of these "women". You just need to pay for em'. Haha, Do the right thing!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 27_ Paul Van Dyk's End of Summer Mix

Sitting at the top of the charts for over a decade, Matthias Paul has revolutionized the art of disc jockeying and production. Better known under his musical pseudonym Paul Van Dyk, the German born maestro has sold over 3 million albums worldwide; much to accomplish for the electronic music industry. Since his start breeding his creativity through forbidden Western radio and smuggled mixtapes across the Berlin Wall, Paul could be called the 'Cinderella Story' of modern dance music. Beginning in 1994 Paul released Seven Ways, a continuous mix album of trance music released on MFS Records and later on Deviant and Mute Records. Since then he has released a plethora of EPs, LPs, albums, and mixes which lead him to the great success he has become today. With that said, Paul now hosts Radio Fritz every Saturday at 20:00 GMT and during his latest gigs, he compiles DJ'ing and live performance by utilizing two 17" MacBook Pro laptops whilst using Mainstage Logic 8 Pro and Ableton Live software on both laptops and two MIDI keyboards which definitely confirms the level this man is at. And now without further adieu, a man not so new to the Essential Mix line up, we have Mr. Paul Van Dyk bringing us a quite uplifting end of summer mix that I believe everyone can enjoy.

Paul Van Dyk - BBC Radio 1 End of Summer Essential Mix 09-26-2009
Licing Room - Easy Living
Aural Float - Dreamers Dream
Trentemoeller - Nightwalker
Max Graham - Gone Before it Starts
Alexandre Savino - Beyond
Paul Van Dyk - White Lies (Aural Float Remix)
JFC - Rotating Minds
ID - Silent Time
Thomas Datt - Alone Chilled
Trentemoeller - Miss You
Dfuse & Hiratzka - Breath In
Espresso Del Lago - Yeki/Mandarin Suite
Water ft. Fay Lovski - Hold Me
Aural Float with Kim Sanders - Still Here
Santiago Nino, DJ Ronxxx - Inside Me (Flawless Mix)
Gat Decor - Passion
Giuseppe Ottaviani - Fallen
Filo & Peri - Drops Of Jupiter
Alex O'Rion - Like A Box Of Fluffy Ducks
Inpetto - Milky Way
Simon Patterson - Always
Age Of Love - Age Of Love (Paul van Dyk Remix)
Olive - You're Not Alone
John Ocallaghan - Big Sky (Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix)
Gary Maguire - Standing Still
Paul van Dyk - Home
Tom Colontonio - The One
Paul van Dyk - For An Angel

Saturday, September 26, 2009

MildWild Sessions 002 (9-26-09)

Hello readers,
Here is my second installment of MildWild Sessions on Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy.


Download MildWild Sessions 002

Tasty Soundz- Reach (Franzo Kolms Tech Dub)
Tom Hades- Uberfunk (Original Mix)
Chelonis R. Jones- Deer In The Headlights (Radioslave Remix)
Onno- Masterdam (Original Mix)
WildTrack Of The Week:
M. Tahan- Elephant (Original Mix)
X-Press 2- Smoke Machine (James Talk Remix)
Tom Sawyer- South America (Juan Magan & Josepo Remix)
Sam Taylor-Wood- I'm In Love With A German Fimm Star (Gui Boratto Remix)

MildTrack Of The Week:
Sennh- I Am With You (Original Mix)
Sgt. Slick- Right In The Night (Mind Electric Remix)
Myon & Shane 54- Trapped (Jonas Steur's Inevitable Remix)
Luigi Lusini- Flare (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fenizza Remix)

Friday, September 25, 2009

SuperlativeSelections_Number1 (9-25-09)

Sébastian here with a new bit I'm gonna be throwing out there for everyone on a quite random basis. As Ivan has just launched his Tech House/Minimal Selections (which has already recieved high praise), I felt that I would also bring something new to the table with my brand spankin new SuperlativeSelections. Every once and a while I'll be sharing some of my favorite new tunes from my world of Electronic Music (3 tracks to be exact). This week, I'm tossing out some really great tracks i've just come upon and can't get out of my head, hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Don't forget to support the makers of these musics through purchasing their tunes over at Beatport.


Savage Skulls
Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Savage Skulls Remix)
First up is the Savage Skulls version of Miike Snow's amazing original, Black & Blue. I can't begin to express my excitement for how awesome the sound put out in this is, I just can't, the song is literally stuck on repeat for me right now. With the original piano part from the original in full effect, a hypnotic and syncopated snare pattern is brought in leading up to an absolutely fantastic drop with some eclectic sounds flying all around the place. Savage Skulls are definitely bringing some new flavor to the world with what I'd pinpoint as a nostalgic House sound (As per their latest release on Dave Taylor's illustrious Dubsided imprint), and also with fresh sounding bits such as this remix. Keep a tab on these dudes, I definitely feel some good things coming from their neck of the woods.

Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich - Music Is Moving (Big In Ibiza Mix)
Filthy Rich has definitely had his foot in the door for some time now, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered that he was making totally awesome Tech House (before now, I had only thought he was an Electro House producer) . This song undoubtedly has some awesome sounds within, including dark instances with some rising parts that compliment it's subtle yet powerful groove. With this track now in my collection, I'm indeed hoping everyone follows suit and support the tracks this guy is churning out.

Round Table Knights
Round Table Knights - Belly Dance (Original Mix)
Round Table Knights are indeed making the people move with their latest release on Mowgli's Deadfish label, but this isn't their first successful effort that's landed them in the good books of many. For quite some time now, these guys have been keeping a steady pace in showcasing a diverse foreign sound with obvious hints of amazing Tech and Minimal influence. This song inparticular is without a doubt a direct hit on the bulls eye of phenomemal sounding Tech, containing clever accordian parts with a ridiculously catchy vocal part, and some whooshing perc driven goodness. Stay on these lads if you havn't before, and watch for anything they have their name on in the future.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tech House Selection_Number2 (9-24-09)


Yes! Im back with some more absolutely jackin' Tech tunes for you today. Might I add these tunes are sorted out of 20 or 30 'mediocre' tracks, and only the ripest tunes are presented to you. Therefore saving you the trouble of picking the dope from the average. Oh and if you havent heard, Raekwon, 'The Chef', who's a big part of the 'Wu Tang Clan' has just released a new album. It just so happens to be the best rap album of the last few years. I know its off genre but no less important. Throw yah W's up.

Okay, enough babble. On with the House music!

Yes, I know I posted a track from 2000 and One earlier this week, but this remix album 'Heritage' is just too good to put down. And if I was to not share this, I would feel guilty. Theres no need to speak of this track outside of the vocal, which is funky sampling at its finest, masterfully placed throughout. Otherwise it's just a groovy tech track that needs to be in your collection.

Moving into some more upbeat. Crisp turtle shell hits, followed by a wind synth that takes this track to the next level. Perfect noise control and air movement, great for listening and/or shaking your ass to. Oh and, Alex Young if you didn't already know, is the main man and his link is at the bottom of the page.

Nice track to close this segment. Epic, progressive, chords and sounds, beautiful breakdowns of science, and huge builds of delayed chords. J.P, This ones for you man. Hella love up to that Bay Area.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WildWednesday_Number37 (09-23-09)

Comin straight at you with some live shit today. First, some spun-out tech Sure to get your speakers pregnant, then we touch the lighter side with good ol' Gareth, and lastly some jiblets courtesy of our good buds, Sharkslayer. I know you don't have any money, but get some change together, hit Coinstar, then head straight back to your computer and make a Beatport account.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Minimal House Selection_Number2 (09-22-09)

Some cut down, chopped up, raw house music for you today. Just drums, bass, repeated vocal and instrument samples and such; Minimal Techno at it's finest. All of these songs are readily available over at Beatport, so remember to check that out on pay day. As we near 300,000 views I would like to personally give my complements to our viewers, consistently checking the posts on an almost day to day basis. Nice job guys. Heres some groovy, high quality music for being so supportive.

Also, speaking of supportive, don't forget to check out Séb's new SuperlativeSelections, debuting on a computer near you this Thursday. Shit's gonna be off, no doubt.

First off, this be a Minimal conga jam worthy of recognition, composed by recent sensation Neuroxyde. Wild tribal voice chanting and great world drum kits complete this track. Although quite a bit of percussion going on, this track is Minimal in its own right.

Cymbals and shakers, bongos and kicks, keys and snare. Thats all you need to create an amazing house journey. The vocals stutter over the beat but them fully come in to let you know what the song is all about. Soul. Released on 2000 and Ones 'Heretic' Remix album, with of loads of other goodies on that. Make sure to check out more of Matthias Tanzmann and 2000 and One over at Beatport.

Mellow keys bounce over a simple bass and drum loop. Chillin' vocal and horn bits make this a way laid back track. Deep house, but simple patterns and breaks. This track was released on an Ep entitled 'Pepper Funk', which is a bit spicy, but absolutely delicious.

Monday, September 21, 2009

MildMonday_Number35 (9-21-09)

A new MildMonday is upon us which means some new tunes that will hopefully massage your mind. Don't forget to support these artists by logging onto Beatport or any other of your favorite digital download stores to purchase their music.


Kolombo - I'm On Your Side (Nikitin & Semikashev Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Joey Youngman - My First Love
~Sébastien Chassé

Nic Fanciulli - Paradise (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Kolombo, Nikitin & Semikashev, Joey Youngman, Nic Fanciulli

Sunday, September 20, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 26_ James Talk

Deep, dark, glitchy, techy, loud, chunky. I could sit here and write a novel titled "101 Adjectives Describing James Talk', but I wont bore you with such nonsense. Born in Southampton, James' career took off right after his guest appearance on John Digweed's Kiss 100 show back in 2005. Since then he's been gaining hype with projects for Underwater, CR2, Data, Big Love, Saved, and Little Mountain Records whilst working on his own label, Spoken Recordings. James continues his promising work as both a producer and DJ by giving us this week's Essential Mix. Enjoy!

James Talk - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 09-19-2009

(Intro) Cinematic Orchestra - Dawn
Unknown Artist - Drumprints One (Steve Bug Dub)
Dave Robertson & Jon Gurd - Never Do That
Shonky - Jazz
Audiojack - In The Hills
Way Out West - Only Love (John Tejada Instrumental)
Matthias Tanzmann & Seuil - My 808 Gently Weeps
Gavin Herlihy - A Tension Release
Anton Piette & Paul Ritch - Opera
Joris Voorn - We're All Clean
Nic Fanciulli - Words
Late Night Tuff Guy - I Get Deep
Reset Robot - Tu Cheekah
Crazy P - Stop Space Return (Simon Baker & Jamie Jones Remix)
M.A.N.D.Y Vs Booka Shade - Donut (James Talk Remix)
Reset Robot - Snippa
Gossip - Love Long Distance (Riva Star Remix Instrumental)
Maps - I Dream Of Crystal (Steve Lawler Dub)
Sleazy McQueen - Naked (Kink Remix)
Christian Smith & Reset Robot - Elixir (Gary Beck Remix)
Samuel L Session - Big Bad Drum
Christian Smith & John Selway - Daytona
Alan Fitzpatrick - Reflections

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tech House Selection_Number1 (9-17-09)

Some 'out of this world' Tech sounds to make your ear drums wet. Two wilder tunes, one from Dirtybird's mastermind producer, Worthy; and a smashing remix by Tech Gods, Format: B. After your done sweatin those off, third is a cooling off track that's a bit milder, but no less amazing, produced by a new found favorite of mine, Shades of Grey! All these guys are well on their way to making a living off of music production, so make sure to support them on this journey by downloading their tunes over at Beatport! From all of us here at MW, Enjoy your weekend by saluting some great beer with friends to life, love, and music!
You know we will.


Too much going on to even start writing about. Absolutely phenomenal sounds: Pitch bending bleeps and clicks, chunky bass, cracking claps, the whole works. As cliché as this sounds, my tech track of the week by far

Format B kills it in this remix of an already amazing track! Huge air movements and deep sub bass keep this track moving till break, which is equally entertaining.. Grab this one

A bit mellow but still lined with giant bass. Great voice and instrument samples laid over a funky-fresh yet surprisingly simple beat. If you have yet to know about Shades of Grey, get this track and go check out more of their work over at Beatport, or their myspace via the link below

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WildWednesday_Number36 (09-16-09)

Yet another addition of where the wild things are; some Wednesday tonal pleasure. Don't forget to swing by Beatport to support these wonderful beat composers.


The Chemical Brothers - Mirrorshades
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Worthy - Work The Walls (Magik Johnson's Shake The Walls Remix)

~Sébastien Chassé

Sebastien Drums, Eric G & Tom- Funky Beep (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Zero 7 - Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Motor City Drum Ensemble - Get Slapped Up (Original Mix)
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : The Chemical Brothers, Worthy, Majik Johnson, Jean-Babtiste & Zygmunt seem to be above putting links for their featured artists, Zero 7, Joker, Ginz,

Monday, September 14, 2009

MildMonday_Number34 (9-14-09)

We definitely got some deep house goodies for your track bags. As always, go check Beatport or your favorite digital download site for more of these artists' superb material. Check back on Wednesday for some rampaging bass and out of control frequency oscillations, Till' then.. You stay classy Blogosphere


Martin Eyerer & Oliver Klein - Dish Of The Day (Gorge Remix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

DJ NG - Tell Me (Feat. Baby Katy & MC Versatile) (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Elon- Swan (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Hugg & Pepp - Sweet Rosie (Sei A Dub)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Anthea & Alex Celler - Down With G.O.D. (Michal Ho's Agnostic Fix)

~Ivan Aagnok

Aceyalone & RJD2 - A Beautiful Mine
~Zygmunt Hainrichk

Links : Martin Eyerer, Oliver Klein, Gorge, DJ NG, Baby Katy (Katy Blondon), MC Versatile, Hugg & Pepp (John & Jesper Dahlback), Sei A, Anthea, Alex Celler, Michal Ho, Elon

Friday, September 11, 2009

MildWild Sessions

Hello readers,

I just wanted to announce that today I am airing my first episode of MildWild Sessions on The show will air the first and third friday every month from 6-7 p.m. est. Here is my tracklist for my first mix along with a link to download the mix.


MildWild Sessions 001 Tracklist:
Alva Noto- Monophaser-(Phase 2)
Gaiser- Am I (Original Mix)
Namito- Train To Tehran (Original Mix)
Namito- City Of Gods (Fergie Birthday Remix)
Reset Robot- Continue (Original Mix)
Mild Track of the Week:
Christian Smith & John Selway- Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)
D-Unity & Richard Dinsdale- Monday Evils (Original Mix)
Dustin Zahn- Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)
Umek & Beltek- Is It? (Wippenberg Remix)
Chris Lake- To The Point (Original Mix)
Daniel Portman- Wellness Park (Sultan & Ned Shepard Illness Dub)
Dakota- Johnny The Fox (Barnes & Heatcliff Remix)
Wild Track of the Week:
Dave Schiemann- Overload (Re-Ward Remix)
Sean Tyas- Seven Weeks (Original Mix)
Cj Stone- Satisfy My Love (Dj Shog Remix)

Minimal House Selection_Number1 (09-10-09)

Heres a small selection of awe inspiring Minimal House tracks for ya'll. Always remember to support these artists by purchasing their material on beatport and such. If you see something in-particular you like go check out the artist on his or her Myspace via link located at the bottom of the post. Otherwise, enjoy your daily dose of MildWildMusic. Good for the mind, body, and soul.

Paolo Driver & Andrea Mocce - Festive (Original Mix)
More Tech if anything. A huge kick, repeating synthetic keyboard section, glitchy clicks and pops, air movement, the whole bit. Their 'Groovy Mix' of this track is also worth looking into.

Manu nails it with this groovy house track. Chopped saxophone line stuck on repeat along with a slick piano riff. This track was released on 'Redmo Records', and is part of an ep titled 'Return of the Good Times'. Great vibe in this one.

Great beat, soft ride cymbal over a big Tech Kick and ambiance sample. Epic violin and keyboard breakdown and build-up. A beautifully written track no doubt. Also featured on this EP is Dominik Eulberg Remix.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mildlight: Lucky Luciano & Ovijay 'Groove Soul'

Lucky Luciano & Ovijay get funky with the smooth and deep in this new EP released on Sintope Digital. Showcasing their mastery of the mellow but moving sound by smashing out two new tracks filled with pleasing harmonies and down tempo bass tones. For Deep House advocates this EP is a must, After you check these out head straight over to Beatport to get the rest of this amazing album.

Lucky Luciano & Ovijay - Groove Soul (Original Mix)
The name says it all: A deep, minimal and groovy track with plenty of soul

Again a deep minimal track with great South American voice and drum samples

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WildWednesday_Number35 (09-09-09)

As you may have come to expect, there's always gonna be some hot shit ready for you every Wednesday of the week, and today's no different. Check out this high energy load of electronic love, there's some absolute killers today that you gotta get your hands on. Also with today being 9-9-09, an additional bonus track will be thrown your way compliments of the one and only Daft Punk. Never stop buyin the tunes, run to Beatport and grab more fire.


Bonus : Daft Punk - Revolution 909

Flo Rida feat. Nelly Furtado - Jump (Chocolate Puma Full Vocal Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

Paul Ritch - Jackson Flavour (Original Mix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Bingo Players & Roger Sanchez - Lost Will Follow (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Heyoka - Deisel
~Ivan Aagnok

Minimorph - Kingston Dream
~Zygmunt Hainrich

Links : Daft Punk, Chocolate Puma, Paul Ritch, Bingo Players, Roger Sanchez, Heyoka

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wildlight: Parov Stelar

These amazing tracks off Parov Stelar's new Ep 'COCO', are a perfect fusion of House, Jazz, Funk, and Tech. Insane sections of horns, pianos, basses and gutiars, over smashing House beats, crossed with epic breaks and vocals. If you have been diggin' the late Jazz-Tech style, or your an ol' skool Funk fan, your gunna love these two tracks. Also, immediately after downloading these go hit beatport for more of Parov Stelar's outstanding production.


Great party song. Explosive live gutiars and drums, old school trumpet sample, and ultra catchy vocal. Get this song now.

Same live sound, more of a radio cut than a mixable version of this track. Still great listening.

Links: Parov Stelar.

Monday, September 7, 2009

MildMonday_Number33 (9-7-09)

With MildWild now being a year old, it's time we take our formal masks off and show you a bit more who we are. Rather then physically (not that you care what we look like anyway), we feel now that by writing as if we were talking to each other, you may start to feel like we're not just robots who churn out catchy ways to say things (you can only come up with so many ways to kindly say, "Good day, check out these tunes, go to Beatport and see what's up with the rest of their stuff"). So, without further ado...

What's up everyone, hope the weather is nice where you are cause it sure is too damn hot where we are. Freshly jumping into September we're getting our hands on some awesome shit and can't wait to show you guys what we have in store for you in the near future. Oh, we also have a new Facebook page for ourselves, so go check it out and befriend us why don't you. We won't stop telling you to cruise your browser over to Beatport or other Digital Download stores to scope the rest of what there is to offer from these folks, it's something we feel obliged to doing, so we're gonna.

Good day,


Flavio Diaz - Another Last Cigarrette (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

AIR - So Light Is Her Footfall
~Sébastien Chassé

Sennh - I Am With You (Original Mix)
~Jean-Baptiste Persaan

Sascha Braemer - Ghost Hand (Original Mix)
~Emmanuel Tamaison

Sunday, September 6, 2009

EssentialSunday~Number 25_ Creamfields Special with Yousef & Mark Knight

This smashing Essential Mix comes to you in the form of a live set hot from one of UK's most celebrated festivals. Creamfeild's 11th annual celebration included sets from Tiesto, David Guetta, the Swedish House Mafia, and the two artists featured in this mix; Yousef and Mark Knight. In the first hour, Yousef takes us on a journey through South American minimal, giant tech tracks, and funkalicious boogie. An amazing hour of House music to say the least. Mark's set focusses on the opposite side of the house music spectrum, but is no less entertaining. He intro's with La Roux's mesmerizing vocals in Mark's own remix of 'In For The Kill,' and flys through some excellent big room tech, up-lifting vocals, and moving bass. If your an Essential Mix fan, you need to get up on this one!

Yousef & Mark Knight - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Live @ Creamfields 09-05-2009

Yousef Mix
Yousef Feat Derrick Carter - Legacy (Yousef Terrace Remake)
Yousef - Africa (Yousef Dub)
MYNC, HCCR & Jose Nunez - Boogers (Uner & Coyu Abreme Mix)
Doomwork - Jazzystuff
Sebo K & Metro - Saxtrack (Reboot Mix)
Chez Damiler - Close (Derrick Carter Mix)
Xpress 2 - Say What (Yousef Circus Rework)
Yousef & Emerson Todd - The Curiosity Show
CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Paul Woolford V AVH Space Edit)
Yousef - My Explanation
Maps - I Dream Of Crystal (Steve Lawler Mix)
Super Flu - Shine
Joris Voorn - Incident

Mark Knight Mix
La Roux - In For The Kill (MK Intro Mix)
Cirez D - On-Off
Nick & Danny Chaterlain - We Feel Love
Booka Shade - Body Language / DJ Rolando - Knights Of The Jaguar (Re- Edit)
D-Unity - Shake It
Fedde Le Grand - Amplifier
Sebastian Ingrosso & Dirty South - Meich
Chemical Brothers - Saturate
Hector Cuto - Arabe (Milton Channels Mix)
Wolfgang Gartner & Francis Preve - Yin
Deep Dish - Say Hello
Mark Knight & D.Rameriz v Underworld - Downpipe
Leftfield - Phat Planet (Mark Knight & Funkagenda Mix)
U2 - Moment Of Surrender (Mark Knight Demo Mix)

Mildlight: Nick Curly

Nick Curly has indefinitely instilled a meteoric influence on Minimalism & Tech House these last two years. He's been hard at work producing dozens of killer 12's on the hottest labels in German underground such as: Cocoon, Murmur, Supernature, and Plastic City, whilst also proving himself as an A list DJ talent at the biggest parties across the world. Nick hasn't stopped there, he also started two of his own own labels, 'Cecille' with partner Marc Scholl, as well as '8Bit' with George Mannheim. Since then both labels have exploded with multiple hit releases, leading to absolute quality club nights all over Europe. When your searching for sensational Minimal or Tech House, look no further than Nick Curly. If you like what you hear go support the man and his label imprints on Beatport!

Explosive big room track with great live snare samples and insane air movements, Curly's biggest hit!

Huge moving bass and snare, erie hits and delayed samples add to the breathtaking rhythm

A great remix, Pier ads the South American element to an already great set of samples

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 Year Of MildWild


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WildWednesday_Number34 (9-2-09)

Today is Wednesday, with that you get a nice dosage of some fine tunes courtesy of your friends here at MildWild. Do the right thing and support these artists by purchasing their materials over at Beatport or other Digital Download stores.


Feadz - Age 21 (Original Mix)
~Nyklus VanHoorn

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix)
~Sébastien Chassé

Sébastien Léger - La Moustique (Original Mix)
~Ivan Aagnok

Links : Feadz, La Roux, Jack Beats, Sébastien Léger