Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Big Beats & A Beatport Topper

Today I have a couple of great tracks for you that are guaranteed to rock the house. Preview the songs and then purchase them on Beatport if you like what you hear!

Dave Darell - Supadisco
[File Deleted: More Info]
Definitely has the potential to make heads explode. Fast-paced electro-wobble madness

Devilfish & Roel Salemnik - Manalive (John Rundell Remix)
Some pretty Mild Tech House here, but that hasn't stopped it from climbing to No.2 on Beatport Top 100

Rhythm LX - Wish You Were Here (Massivedrum Remix)
A bit slow, but quite heavy on the bass. I also enjoy the guitar riffs that were used. This is definitely a song to be mixed!

Afrotech - Our Way (Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon Remix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
I have been on a search for this track for a little while now. Doesn't disappoint

AC Slater - Bassline Time (Original Mix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
This gets 4.5 five stars from Nyklus, but you noise lovers would probably award it 5+. Absolutely phenomenal House music here

The Prodigy - Breathe (Sezer Uysal Remix)
[File Deleted: More Info]
I received this in my mailbox a couple days ago, it's pretty good so I decided I'd throw it up. Hope you enjoy

Links: Dave Darell, John Rundell, Massivedrum, Jerry Ropero, Michael Simon, AC Slater, Sezer Uysal.

Monday, September 29, 2008

One & Only Dominator

New York based producers Bryan Cox and Chew Fu have come together to bring the world the release of the ‘Dominator’ EP, the original Human Resource classic from 1991. ‘Dominator’ was a huge success, one of the first records ever to use the “Hoover” effect, which was created using a Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser. This signature track with it's ridiculous sounds features remixes by some MildWild personal favorites: Bryan Cox, AC Slater, The Bulgarian, Mom & Dad, Lars Moston, & Jaime Fanatic are all among the slew. Available on Brooklyn Zoo and Crux Records, as well as Beatport.
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Enjoy an 8 Minute Megafix by Chew Fu of the entire album!

01. Electric Soulside__(0:00)
02. AC Slater__(0:48)
03. Mom & Dad__(1:29)
04. Wax Motif__(2:09)
05. Lars Moston__(2:52)
06. Jaimie Fanatic__(3:23)
07. Chew Fu__(4:06)
08. Bryan Cox__(4:45)
09. Dance Worx__(5:29)
10. The Bulgarian__(6:14)
11. 3 Is A Crowd__(6:52)
12. Leko__(7:20)
13. OH SNAP!!__(7:56)
14. Andreas Bergmann__(8:20)

Dominator (Chew Fu Remix Megafix) - Human Resource
[File Deleted: More Info]
Hot Shit! Sounds Galore!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Few For Friday

*(Photo:Joep Roosen)

Well it's another Friday, and instead of our usual artist specific posts, I feel like quickly sharing a couple of quality tracks for you to come home and listen to after your hard night of working, partying, clubbing, committing crimes, or whatever it is you MildWild viewers do. Enjoy these three almost vocal-less tunes.

Antoine Clamaran - Fever (Original Mix)
  [File Deleted: More Info]

Friscia And Lamboy - Chunga (Phunk Investigation Mix)

Timo Maas, Santos (A.K.A. Mutant Clan) - Kenesai (Dub Mix)
  [File Deleted: More Info]

Links: Antoine Clamaran, Timo Maas, Santos, Friscia And Lamboy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mobin Master & Tate Strauss

I recently received these tracks in my mailbox from DJ Tate Strauss, who is promoting his combined work with Mobin Master. I was a bit surprised that the artist who created the smash hit, chart-topping track of '07 and early '08, 'Show Me Love', wanted to promote their combined work on the Blogosphere, not to mention MildWild. So without further ado, here they are.

Kid Cudi - Day N Night (Mobin Master Remix)
Decent track, sounds very similar to the Crookers remix

Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Mobin Master Remix)
Great remix here! Check out Micky Slim's version as well if you get a chance

AVH - You Don't Know Me (Mobin Master Remix)
Goodbye 'Show Me Love', hello 'You Don't Know Me'! I hate to label his sound this way but I love the Laidback Luke noises he used, as well as the Disco House breakdown

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roses From Us To You

Here's a bloke you should all be familiar with, especially after the dropping of the bomb, "Take It To The Club", with Action Man. Before he took on his new persona, he had a milder, yet still wild sound at the same time, releasing tracks like, "You're All Over My Head". Personally he's one of my favorite producers and I only have great expectations for his future. Two amazing Roses for you. Enjoy.

Jesse Rose & Trevor Loveys- Heavy What (Our Version)
  [File Deleted: More Info]
Great Bassline
Jesse Rose- You're All Over My Head
My Favorite Jesse Rose production of all-time. Must Listen

Support this artist and purchase their tracks on Beatport!

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Fundamental Knowledge"

The two men pictured above are Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary. In 1992 when Gernot stumbled upon a live acid house show being put on by Szary, i'm sure he had no idea they would later form what was then known as Fundamental Knowledge; The electronic music band from Berlin. Upon fucking with a function on the Roland RE-201 Space Echo analog delay effects unit, the duo decided that the name Modeselektor would be better fitting, and so it shows. From, their first remix release in 1999 with Pfadfinderei (the Berlin based VJ & Design Collective), to teaming up with their still home label, Bpitch Control, these guys have really put in some work and turned an impressive amount of heads. Modeselektor fanatic and fellow music inspiration, Thom Yorke, has given the group appraisal in the recommending of songs and albums in reviews, and is also featured on the album 'Happy Birthday' in the song, "The White Flash". Other collaborations include Maximo Park of Bloc Party, Paul St. Hilaire, TTC, Puppetmastaz, Otto von Schirach, Siriusmo, and Apparat, whom they more regularly release work with under the name Moderat. As Modeselektor remains a MildWild favorite, we really do hope they become and stay one of yours.

Modeselektor - Hasir
Foreign sound is always wonderful, this track soothes!

Bjork - Dull Flame of Desire (Modelektor's Remix For Boys)
A great remix filled with all the great Modeselektor original sound!

Siriusmo - Wow (Modeselektor Edit)
Siriusmo is always putting out wonderful music, so when Modeselektor touches it you know it's gold!

Alter Ego - Fuckingham Palace (Modeselektor Remix)
*MildWild Recommended

[Files Deleted: More Info]

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jerry Ropero

Jerry Ropero is a skilled producer and DJ from Hamburg, Germany, who has slowly built upon his skills over the past few years. His first releases are made up of mostly house tracks, but as of late he has moved toward a more Progressive/Tech House sound. His name is not yet world-wide, but I see great success coming for this producer when he can create amazing tunes like these:

Jerry Ropero - Bangladesh (Dub Mix) [211 VBR]
This track came out in August, wonderful Progressive track with many Tech House noises.

Alexander Marcus - Papaya (Jerry Ropero & Michi Lange) [320]
Phenomenal tune. Intense builds and not-so-intense vocals; just how I like it!

Mike Di Scala & Colin Airey - Space & Time (Jerry Ropero Mix) [320]
Wow, this is better than the Deadmau5 mix, and that sure is saying A LOT! Overpowering vocals at times but the Michael Jackson-esque scream before the drop makes me forget all about that.

Jerry Ropero & Michael Simon ft. Mendonca Do Rio - Berimbau (Ed Kane's Dirtbag Mix) [320]
Electro House with a bit of dirty flavor from Ed Kane. Great track!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vous êtes des Animaux, Vous aller Crevés

MildWild favorite and Ed Banger native, Mr Oizo, is due to release his new LP 'Lambs Anger' on November 17. Oizo has recently shown us the likes of the song, "Z", giving off a familiar technoesque sound and dark feel leaving listeners begging for more. And lets not forget "Bruce Willis Is Dead", the flabergasting concoction of bizzare synth stabs and pitch changed vocal loops that really does make for an epic slap in the face.

Now nearing the release date, Oizo has given the world a taste of yet another standard of sound from his new work. The track, "Positif", posseses such a classic Oizo sound (reminicent of "Patrick 122" and some of his earlier work with signature delay and glitchy edits), and is destined to be heard blasting out of big speakers very, very soon.

Mr Oizo - Z
One hell of a song, Oizo's genius is showing!

Mr Oizo - Bruce Willis Is Dead
Very noisy track, what some are calling Oizo's attempt at big bass. Doesn't stop MildWild from liking it!

Mr Oizo - Positif (Preview Extract)
From Mr. Oizo's Myspace

Mr Oizo - Positif (Arnold Ziffel Extended Extract Edit)
Courtesy of Daniel H. in France, Thanks!

[Files Deleted: More Info]

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Claude Von Stoked

Claude VonStroke is the coolest. Based out of good ol' San Francisco, California and rising to massive popularity in July of 2006 with the release of his album 'Beware of the Bird", containing such memorable jams as "Chimps", "The Whistler", and "Deep Throat" among others. He goes under such aliases as Burnto Bertolucci, Pedro DeLaFaydro & Barclay Crenshaw, owner of San Francisco's Dirtybird Records. He's released and continues to release work though Dirtybird, as well as Neuton, and Throne of Blood.

The Music Video for, "Deep Throat"

There seems to be no end in sight for this nitty-gritty sound pirate as the goodness just keeps on coming. Enjoy the classic sound of a classic VonStoke song, as well as versions stroked by Jesse Rose & The Aston Shuffle.

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Original Mix)

[File Deleted: More Info]
How catchy can a whistled tune get? Just wait

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (The Aston Shuffle Remix)
Catchy enough yet? Let The Aston Shuffle help you out

Claude VonStroke - The Whistler (Jesse Rose Remix)
What? Still not catchy? Jesse Rose is here to set you straight!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unleash The Munster

Recently I stumbled across René van Munster; A young House producer from the Netherlands. Munster has established himself as a DJ, music producer, and most scholastically, a cellist. His productions have proven to be brilliant and fresh, progressing technically and keeping everything the right amount of interesting. If you care to know more about where this chap may be coming from, watch this interview his cousin made with him.

Easily one of the most promising new artists I have run across, a must listen if you have never heard this sound.

René van Munster- Hi Fi Bye Fi (Original Mix)

René van Munster- Phonesmack (Original Mix)

René van Munster- Feed Me (Original Mix)

René van Munster- Working Title (Original Mix)

[Files Deleted: More Info]

In my opinion, this is the best track I've posted of his, then again, it's always up to you. Enjoy.

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You've seen the Wild... Time for some Mild!

It goes without saying that here at MildWild we have undoubtedly posted an array of Wild Tracks. As of late some have begun to ask: "Where is the Mild?". Well my friends, today I bring to you a different flavor of post. I have picked three experienced producers from which I will share a Mild Track, followed afterward by a Wild Track. Please remember these songs are not all new, and are intended to give you, the listener, an idea of just how great these artists are at utilizing elements from all aspects of musical styles.

*This could very well become a regular segment here depending on feedback!!

1. Let's Begin with Steve Angello.

Mild: Royksopp - 49% (Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso) [222 VBR]
This song becomes randomly stuck in my head at least once a month. Mild, yet powerful

Mild: Gadjo - So Many Times (Steve Angello Remix) [192]
I couldn't decide whether to post 49% or this track, but I resolved to post this one as well because it is one of his newer releases. Possibly my favorite solo production from Angello. Beautiful guitar riffs and vocals

Wild: Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, Laidback Luke - Drop It [320]
Although Mr. Angello normally likes to keep things toned down a bit, his collaboration with these other House Mafia gangsters is mind-blowing. They use gnarly synths, sirens, and lots of snare and bass.

2. Told you I'd be posting more: Deadmau5.

Mild: Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (Deadmau5 Remix) [320]
  [File Deleted: More Info]
There are countless remixes of this song on Beatport and I believe that Deadmau5 does an amazing job of keeping the definitive buildup in the song going, yet rendering the tune soft.

Wild: Deadmau5 - Bye Friend (Original Mix) [320]
Dark and grungy, random noises, heavy bass. What more do you want from us?

3. Last but not least, Malente.

Mild: Malente - I Sell Marihuana (Dr.Rubberfunks Sitar Boogie Remix) [192]
  [File Deleted: More Info]
Now, this is a remix of a Malente track, but seeing as it was my favorite Mild Track out of my bunch of his many, many releases, it was chosen. Great guitar and sitar riffs

Wild: Coburn - Razorblade (Malente Dub Mix) [320]
This will get the party fucking rocking! Great track!

4. 1 Bonus Track (DJ Stryke)

Mild: Skylark - Who Cares (Stryke's Respect Mix) [192]
  [File Deleted: More Info]
I hunted this track down for so god damn long. Great synths and beautiful track in all aspects.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief journey into the far reaches of these artists discographies. Enjoy listening and purchase material from these chaps if you like!