Friday, February 19, 2010

Mildlight: Jonas Steur

Jonas Steur is not a new face to the scene at all. With a whole list of aliases and releases under his belt over the many years, he is a true veteran. He recently started a podcast entitled Breakout with his brother to showcase the latest in dance music, as well as the latest from Jonas. With his style only getting better and better by every release, Jonas is swiftly taking a hold of today's progressive scene.
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Absolutely brilliant work on this remix. Very mellow and atmospheric, the words said in the track say it all. "It's only a dream."

Very well constructed and beautifully written track.

Excellent vocal track, hard rippin' bass and dreamy soundscape.

Phenomenal remix. One of my favorite vocal progressive tracks of last year packing some deep lyrics.

This is my favorite track Jonas has worked on to date. It is one of the deepest tracks you'll ever find. I hope you enjoy it.

This is a new alias Jonas produces under and I am positive you will not be disappointed at all. Enjoy.

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